Reservoir boat fishing / I broke my own record!!

Angler : Ms. Sumita
Place : A reservoir in Hiroshima, Japan
Lure : Portio, Bellows Gill, Moon Curly


I went boat fishing for the first time in a while.
I cast PORTIO as a search bait to find bass.
I enjoyed fishing for a while and caught some fish.
Suddenly fish stopped responding to it.
I cast Moon Curly and caught some more fish.
After that I moved to another fishing spot.
Cover fishing with Texas rig / Bellows stick.
Caught one fish.
Again cast Portio and caught some small bass.
When fish stopped responding to it, suddenly a big bass hit my lure !!!
My hands and feet were tremble with excitement.
I managed to catch it!It was 58.5cm long.
I broke my own record!!!!

I caught more than fifty fish in total.



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