New size is added to TWIN RATTLER!!!



・Qty:2 pcs per pack
・Size: Length of rattler – 13mm(Short)
     Length of rattler – 23mm(Long) 

Easy to use.
Just add TWIN RATTLER to your rubber jig or spinner bait.
It really attract fish!!!


New Color! NEKO HACK

NEKO HACK is a fishing support item for Neko rig.
New color added, and it is available in two colors.

It is easy to use.
Insert a NECOHACK into a soft plastic bait,
and then cut the top off.
After that, set a hook.
Rig a Neko rig using any soft plastic bait you like.
You can rig almost any plastic bait to a Neko rig with it.

◆Size:S, M, L

・S size – Soft plastic bait : Diameter 4-6mm

・M size – Soft plastic bait : Diameter 5-7mm

・L size – Soft plastic bait : Diameter 6-8mm

■ GEECRACK Channel / How to use NEKO HACK