Three jointed bait – Prototype lure



We have been testing and developing this prototype since last year.
It is still under development.
It will be a hard lure which will help you catch big bass in the middle of the day in the summer months!
Can’t wait to catch fish on it.


Geecrack new product for 2019

◎◎ YUM STICK 4.8″ & 5.8″ ◎◎
● Weight
・4.8inch – 11.0g
・5.8inch – 14.4g
They are heavily salt impregnated and allow anglers to cast them further.
Coming soon!!

Avanti Magnum DR


We’ve shipped Avanti Magnum DR to stores.
#001 Ayu

#003 Ghost-Sweet-Gill

#005 Hot-Tiger

【Avanti Magnum】

・Weight – 48.8g
・Body Length – 95mm
・Line – FLUORO CARBON 16lb
・Diving depth – 4.5 – 4.8m
・Hook size – 1/0
・Sound – Low sound

Avanti Magnum DR is a fanrastic big crankbait.
It allows you to fish all day without fatigue.
It features a swivel hook-hanger which allows the lure to spin freely during the fight.

Get one and enjoy fishing for fall bass.