Bellows Craw3.5inch

Prototype model of Bellows Craw3.5inch.

Coming soon!!

Bellows Stick 8″

We’ve shipped out Bellows Stick 8″ to some stores.

■ Bellows Stick 8″





Bellows Stick 8″ is the biggest one among Bellows series. Texas rigging a Bellows Stick 8″ (3.5g or 5g).It pushes a lot of water and triggers strikes from big Bass.


IMO-RIPPER95 has been producing great results on the water of Lake Biwa.
It is made from S.A.F.(Salt+Aminos+Flavor).

S.A.F. is our original material for soft plastic baits.
It appeals to the senses of taste and smell that a fish uses in its quest for food.
Also, it causes fish to hold on longer once they bite.

The lure design of IMO-RIPPER is simple, so you can easily feel the effectiveness of the material.

Rigs for Bellows Stick 2.8

Bellows Stick 2.8 is coming soon.

【Bellows Stick 2.8inch】

Perfect rigs to hook nice spring bass.

◆ Bellody(Bellows stick + zappu / BredyNo.3, 1.8g)

Retrieve it very slowly along the bottom.

◆zappu / Inch Wacky

Slow falling the bait when you are fishing around vertical structure.

◆ Neko rig(zappu / CAPTAIN HOOK i GUARD No.4, zappu / Nail Shot0.45〜1.8g)

Great for targeting break lines or around underwater srtructures.

◆ Jighead( zappu / COCHO COCHO HEAD

Insert COCHO COCHO HEAD into the head of the bait then, back out through the 4th or 5th rib. Drag it along the bottom.

New colors / YAM Stick

We’ve shipped out YAM Stick [Size: 4.8″ / 5.8″] to some stores.

■ YAM Stick 【Size: 4.8″ / 5.8″】





SAF material is used for making YAM Stick .
Its strong garlic scent will attract fish and trigger strikes.