Julietta / Double Dutch PG Series DD-PG68MR



The inspection for Julietta(Double Dutch PG Series DD-PG68MR) has finished.

PG stands for Pro Guide.
The idea of Julietta PG Series was born from fishing in a variety of situations and talking to Geecrack pro/field staff.
Mr. Kuroda is one of our pro/field staff and Tiny Gilling is one of his favorite lures for fishing Ohe river.
We discussed the needs of the anglers who love fishing Tiny Gilling with him.



The length of Julietta DD-PG68MR is 6ft 8inch.
It is a special rod for fishing with Tiny Gilling.
We wanted to make a rod which allows anglers to give beautiful lure action with Tiny Gilling. For two years, we’ve tested, re-tested, adjusted and improved on it.


It is perfect for Tiny Gilling, SUGURI60(Shad), and ORENTA(Vibration), and great for shore fishing.

It will be available later this month.



Double Dutch / Prototype rods


☆ Double Dutch Prototype rods
・Texas rig model
・ Rubber Jig, Swim Jig model

After creating the first prorotype rods, we went to see our field tester Yama P(Lake Biwa fishing guide).
He is helping us test the prototype rods.
He is using the rods as a field tester and based on the idea he and Geecrack team generate, we will create the second prototype model.




We did fishing on the day we went to see Yama P.
The first fish of the day hit SPIRON3.8!!
It took the lure on a long pause.


Prototype rod “Julietta”


Double Dutch DD-68MR “Julietta”
Geecrack field tester Mr. Kuroda has been field testing it since the year before last.
We are putting it on display at the KEEP CAST Geecrak booth.

We have only one prototype rod, so Mr. Kuroda brought it to Geecrack and we had a short meeting with him yesterday.

Julietta allows better control on TINY GILLING and it makes you easy to give good lure action.

Mr. Kuroda will be at the KEEP CAST Geecrack Booth for two days.

Good chance to know about Julietta!