Catching Spring Bass on Bellos Gill 2.8

I got Bellows Gill 2.8″ prototype at the lure fishing event The Keep Cast 2019.
So, I went fishing for catching spring bass with it.
I used it as a small rubber jig trailer and fished using Mid Strolling technique.
Soon nice spring bass took the bait!!
This is the video I’m fishing Bellows Gill 2.8.  
* Bellows Gill 2.8″ is coming the end of March 2019.

Won the fishing tournament / NBC BOSO CHAPTER


Geecrack field tester Mr. Oe won NBC BOSO CHAPTER # 1.
【Results / NBC BOSO CHAPTER # 1】
・Three fish





Winter weather for the past couple of days
but the temperatures rose and bass were staying shallow on the day of the tournament.
The winning lure was Geecrack / Bellows Gill2.8″(3.5g / Jika rig / Kg hook 1/0).
I participated in NBC CHAPTER for the first time.
Thanks to Bellows Gill, I won the tournament.