Catching Spring Bass on Bellos Gill 2.8

I got Bellows Gill 2.8″ prototype at the lure fishing event The Keep Cast 2019.
So, I went fishing for catching spring bass with it.
I used it as a small rubber jig trailer and fished using Mid Strolling technique.
Soon nice spring bass took the bait!!
This is the video I’m fishing Bellows Gill 2.8.  
* Bellows Gill 2.8″ is coming the end of March 2019.

Won the fishing tournament / NBC BOSO CHAPTER


Geecrack field tester Mr. Oe won NBC BOSO CHAPTER # 1.
【Results / NBC BOSO CHAPTER # 1】
・Three fish





Winter weather for the past couple of days
but the temperatures rose and bass were staying shallow on the day of the tournament.
The winning lure was Geecrack / Bellows Gill2.8″(3.5g / Jika rig / Kg hook 1/0).
I participated in NBC CHAPTER for the first time.
Thanks to Bellows Gill, I won the tournament.


Pond fishing / Bellows Stick


Angler : Mr. Oya
Place : A pond
Lure : Bellows Stick3.8 / Neko rig

We had spring-like weather the day before but suddenly it turned cold again.
Very windy and the water was muddy, but the bass in shallow water had appetite and struck eagerly.
Explosion at the water surface when it hit my lure!!

Early spring bass fishing offers a chance to catch really big fish.
Bulkier baits are better for catching them.
Bellow Stick is perfect for that.