Field report / Fishing early in the morning.



Angler : Mr. Shibata
Place : Gosan river
Lure : Imo-ripper Slim3.8(No sinker style), SPIRON2.8(No sinker style)


Imo-ripper Slim really attracts bigger bass.
I caught nice bass on the first cast of the day.
After that, I cast SPIRON2.8 and got it into shallow water with cover. Soon after I started reeling it in, big bass exploded on it!! It bit like crazy!!!




Fishing Gosan river / Gyro Gill80



Angler : Mr. Kuroda(Geecrack field tester)
Place : Gosan river, Japan
Lure : Gyro Gill80




Bad fishing condition.
Low water level and muddy water because of the preparation before rice planting.
I used SUGURI60, BB MUSTANG, GyroGill80, SPIRON2.8, and IMO-RIPPER SLIM3.8.
The rod I used was Julietta.

Cast GyroGill(tuned with weight) under overhanging trees.
Then gave it an action by shaking the rod while I was retrieving.
Nice sized bass hit it!!
It was a 41cm post spawn bass.
It had been a while since I went fishing in Gosan river.
I realized again how good the fishing was in there.
I love GyroGill.
It can be used to fish different depths by tuning weight.