Field report / Light game shore fishing



Angler : Mr. Takayanagi
Place : Atsumi Peninsula, Aichi prefecture, Japan
Rod : DoubleDutch DDS-70UL CAT WALK


As it wasn’t windy for this time of year, I went light game shore fishing.
I expected Oblong rockfish to be more active but I only caught one .
The water temperature is lower 3 ℃ than last year.
I think they will be active a bit later than previous year.

A Japanese professional angler Kazuki Kitajima visited Geecrack.



A Japanese professional angler Kazuki Kitajima who lives in America and participates in American fishing tournaments visited Geecrack a couple of days ago.



After we tested a new bait in a swimming pool with him, we had a meeting. 
We’ll make new prototype lures this spring and test them repeatedly.