Field report / SUGURI60

Angler:Mr. Sugiyama
Place :Shizuoka prefecture
Lure :SUGURI 60
Fishing for seabass.
Cast SUGURI 60 and wait until it hit the bottom, and then drift fishing.
I caught 8 seabass in 30 minutes.
They were not so big, but I really enjoyed fishing with SUGURI60.
SUGURI suspends beautifully.It always helps me catch fish!
Great lure!!!

Must have lure for early winter pond fishing



Angler : Mr. Sonehara
Place : Chitanoike
Rod : Double Dutch DDS-69L WALNUT
Lure : Portio 2.8


Pond fishing.
Winter arrived and the water temparatures dropped.
Cold water fishing conditions are usually tough,
but Portio worked well and I caught 40cm largemouth bass and some small largemouth bass.



Portio is a 2.8″ bite-sized worm lure.
Geecrack original S.A.F material is used in making Portio.
It will come onto the market early next year.