Field report / SUGURI60

Angler:Mr. Sugiyama
Place :Shizuoka prefecture
Lure :SUGURI 60
Fishing for seabass.
Cast SUGURI 60 and wait until it hit the bottom, and then drift fishing.
I caught 8 seabass in 30 minutes.
They were not so big, but I really enjoyed fishing with SUGURI60.
SUGURI suspends beautifully.It always helps me catch fish!
Great lure!!!

Must have lure for early winter pond fishing



Angler : Mr. Sonehara
Place : Chitanoike
Rod : Double Dutch DDS-69L WALNUT
Lure : Portio 2.8


Pond fishing.
Winter arrived and the water temparatures dropped.
Cold water fishing conditions are usually tough,
but Portio worked well and I caught 40cm largemouth bass and some small largemouth bass.



Portio is a 2.8″ bite-sized worm lure.
Geecrack original S.A.F material is used in making Portio.
It will come onto the market early next year.

Field reports


Angler : Mr. Nomura
Place : Lake Biwa, Pond


☆ Fiels report ①

・DATE : December 6
・PLACE : Lake Biwa
・ROD : Double Dutch DD-70MH Dusty Mirror
Afternoon fishing.
I cast a heavy drop shot rig.
As fish were not responding to it, I cast Metal Vibration lure 3/8oz and made short pitches.
It worked well!!



☆ Fiels report ②

・DATE : December 3
・PLACE : Pond
・Rod : Double Dutch DD-70MH Dusty Mirror

I started fishing when the sun rose and the the water temperatures began to rise.
Cast lures into the areas where bass likely to hide.
It was really quiet.
It was really exciting as bass might hit my lure at any moment.
It was a lot of fun to see bass hit my lure.



☆ Fiels report ②

・PLACE : Lake Biwa
・Lure : Moon Curly 4″(LakeGill)
It was windy and fishing was tough.
Moon Curly / Heavy drop shot rig / 10g worked well!!