Stealth 7 / It looks exactly like a school of baitfish swimming through water.

STEALTH 7 is an Alabama rig which is designed to look exactly like a school of baitfish swimming through water.Alabama rig is effective during winter months and early spring, but lately we receive Alabama rig fishing reports throughout the year. We get the impression that quite many anglers use it as a search bait.

We designed STEALTH 7 with a local angler Mr. Tomida and Lake Biwa Fishing Guide Yama P(Norihito Yamashita).Alabama rig generally has five arms but STEALTH 7 has 7 arms and 6 Hammered Willow Blades.It produces a dense bait ball effect.

The length of outer wires is 105mm, and the center wire is 250mm.The wire is not too thin, not too heavy. The wire diameter is 1.00 mm.Just the right size.The wires angled at a perfect angle, so the lures will not tangle, and also it keeps them swimming perfectly.

The 7 wire arms are welded for incredible toughness and durability, ensuring that the wire arms never break free. It features swivels to reduce line tangles when casting, and also minimize line twists.As for snap, it features Geecrack original snaps. Very strong. Made in Japan product.The center wire has a snap which is one size bigger.

Soft plastic baits send out vibration and the hammered blades flash to attract fish.The wires are covered in a stealthy black nickel finish.

We are confident that you will be satisfied with our products.