Field report from Thailand

Angler : Mr. Uda
Place : Thailand
Lure : Gilling 125HF
Fishing trip in Thailand.
Gilling 125HF is an amazing lure.
It really attracts monster fish!
Stop and go technique worked really well
and I caught 30 fish on Gilling 125HF.

Field report / I caught the same fish twice!!!!



Angler : Mr. Uda
Place : Amazon BKK Lake, Thailand
Lure : GyroGill


Fishing Amazon BKK Lake(Thailand) for monster fish.
I caught a redtail catfish on Gyro Star.
Just 15 minutes after that I caught the same fish on Gyro Gill!!
I was amazed when I landed it.




My fishing video.
【I caught the same fish twice!】

Field report from Italy


☆ Geecrack field tester Mr. Nomura send us his friend’s field report.

I got an e-mail from my friend Markos who lives in Italy.
He said that he caught nice fish on Gyrostar, G-Crawler and Leaf Shrimp!!!!



He is a big fan of Geecrack and uses a Geecrack rod / Double Dutch Spanky.
He really wants to get Tiny Gilling but it’s hard to find it in Italy.
He’s searching for it on Japanese online shops!!!


Field report / Strong and durable lure “Gilling”



Angler : Mr. Uda
Date : August 5
Place : Barramundi Aquaculture pond in Thailand
Lure : Gilling 125HF / 165HF
Fish : 20 fish / Weight : 4~12 kg

Fishing for Barramundi in Thailand.
I used a Tuna Fishing hook on my lures, so Gilling became slow sinking.
A lot of Barramundi were caught on Gilling and the biggest one was 12 kg in weight!!!
They didn’t respnd to small lures such as Vibration lures and Jerkbait lures, but responded well to lures which cast larger silhouette.
Gilling 125HF and 165HF are strong and durable enough to fight with a lot of bigger fish.

Barramundi fishing in Thailand / Gyrostar



Mr. and Mrs. Uda went to Thailand for fishing.
Nice Barramundi caught on Gyrostar!

■Place : Pilot111 Fishing Pond and other fishing ponds / Thailand
■Lure : GyroStar 3.5


Cast the lure further and allowed it to sink all the way to the bottom before starting slow retrieve.
During the retrieve, let it fall a couple of times.
Fish responded well.
Many bites came during fall and beginning the retrieve.
We went to some fishing ponds for Barramundi fishing.
This pattern worked well on every pond.
GyroStar is a musu have lure!!



The fishing technique for Barramundi.