Field report / Bwllows Gill # SOLID BLACK【NEW COLOR】

Kameyama dam is a tough fishing reservoir, but Geecrack field tester Kenji Ohe produced good results!!

He said that Bellows Gill # Solid Black really attracts bass. It catches a lot of bass!

・Bellows Gill # 253 SOLID BLACK【NEW COLOR】


Nail Rig!!

Field report

・Angler : Takaaki Oya(Geecrack Field Tester)

・River : Oe riverLure : Imo ripper60/Nail Rig

Geecrack Field tester Takaaki Oya caught good-sized bass on Imo-Ripper 60 / Nail rig in cold weather.

Nail rig is just outstanding, it will help you catch fish in cold weather.