On-the-river fishing instruction

Ishiguro Fishing Tackle Store staff experienced our products on the water of Gosan river and Oe river.They received an on-the-river fishing instruction from our field testers, Mr. Kuroda and Mr. Oya.They learned what type of Geecrack lures and fishing techniques work best depending on the conditions and the mood of the fish.


Shooting fishing videos in Korea

We went to Korea for video shooting.


◆Reservoir fishing – Yuho Ito(Lake Biwa fishing guide)

◆Shore fishing – Keita Oda (Lake Biwa fishing guide)

Bellows Gill 2.8 / Running sinker rig was really effective forfishing in bluegill holding areas. After shooting the videos, we moved to Andong Lake.

Bellows Gill 5.8″, 3.8″, 2.8″


Lake Biwa fishing guide Yuho Ito came to Geecrack last week.
He pool tested Prototype / Bellows Gill 5.8″.
Although it worked well, it needs some further improvements.


Bellows Gill 2.8″ is ready for release in this April.
Bwllows Gill 5.8″, 3.8″, 2.8″ will be on display at Geecrack booth during the Keep Cast.




☆ The keep cast 2019