Meeting for new lures.




We had a meeting for our new lures at our factory with Lake Biwa Fishing Guide Yama P(Norihito Yamashita).
Yama P has our final finished products “SPIRON4.8” in his hands in the picture.
We inspected them before production start.



There are some more products which will be coming next year(2019).
We tested our new jointed lures on the day.
We are putting effort into creating them to meet his needs and those of anglers.



New worms are also under development.
The 4 worms in the picture have different tails and body shapes.




Bellows Gill(5colors) Coming soon!!

We are busy producing Bellows Gill(5 colors) at our factory.
New color, Two-tone Bellows Gill is included.
Coming soon!!
Geecrack / Channel
Fishing Bellows Gill / Angler : Yuho Ito


【S.A.F Material】
S.A.F material is a Geecrack original material for worms.
It is made only from materials carefully selected.
It is impregnated with salt, amino acid and shrimp flavouring(S.A.F = Salt + Amino acid + Flavor).
This is a high quality worm material for making realistic worm lures.
It really attracts fish.
It appeals to the senses of taste and smell that a fish uses in its quest for food.
It’s scent and taste of the material will cause the fish to hold the lure in its mouth longer.
When you use it, you will know.
We are confident that we won’t disappoint you.
S.A.F Material worm lures have “S.A.F Sticker” on the packages.

Geecrack factory tour

We had 5 visitors from America.
Ryan is a friend of Kazuki(Pro angler, Geecrack field tester in America).
He is travelling to China and Japan with his 4 friends and visited us during his stay in Japan.
After they had lunch at a cafe in a 100-year-old traditional Japanese house, they toured a Geecrack factory.
They are interested in Geecrack and asked many questions about our products and strategy.
They tried a bite(YAHMAN STICK)!!!!!
After the factory tour, they visited Gifu castle.
We are glad they had a great time with us.

Lake Biwa fishing guide Hayato Yasui visited Geecrack.



We had a meeting with Lake Biwa fishing guide Hayato Yasui at Geecrack factory.
He checked the color and the stiffness of MAD SHAKER(Hog for punching or fishing cover ) .
SAF material is used for making MAD SHAKER.
Moreover garlic shrimp flavour is added to it.



As the summer progresses and the weeds grow higher.
Plant growth offers bass shade, protection from predators.
MAD SHAKER3.5″ is one of the must have baits for summer fishing.



It will be available in July.

Geecrack new product / Avanti Magnum DR



Avanti Magnum DR is ready and will be available for purchase at the end of this month.
It is designed and manufactured under the supervision of Lake Biwa fishing guide Norihito Yamashita.
It have had tremendous amount of field testing by our team and him.
We made various prototypes, maybe 50 different prototype models.
Avanti Magnum DR is a fantastic big crankbait.
We can say with confidence that it catches big fish.