IMO-RIPPER95 has been producing great results on the water of Lake Biwa.
It is made from S.A.F.(Salt+Aminos+Flavor).

S.A.F. is our original material for soft plastic baits.
It appeals to the senses of taste and smell that a fish uses in its quest for food.
Also, it causes fish to hold on longer once they bite.

The lure design of IMO-RIPPER is simple, so you can easily feel the effectiveness of the material.

【 Cancellation Announcement of THE KEEP CAST 2020 】

Due to the new corona virus(COVID-19)outbreak,THE KEEPCAST 2020, scheduled to take place on Mar. 14(Sat.)and 15(Sun.)has been cancelled.

The event organizer and fishing tackle brands including Geecrack have been preparing for the event, but they had to make a difficult decision over corona virus fears.

THE KEEP CAST 2021 is scheduled to be held on March 6 and 7, 2021.We hope you’ll be looking forward to it.

We’ll put our effort into developing our new products and improving our existing products.We hope this outbreak will be over soon.

Prototype lure / SU-PAKU plug(Tentative name)

SU-PAKU plug(Tentative name) is one of our products which are under development.
We have been developing it with Lake Biwa fishing guide Akira Saito.As you may know, he produced great results by using SU-PAKU fishing technique last year.It’s a technique for fishing Rivival shad 4″. When fish chases it, stop reeling and let it fall to trigger a strike from the bass.

However it is a soft plastic bait, you can’t keep it on the surface to trigger a surface strike.

The good news is that you can do it with SU-PAKU plug(Tentative name).It needs some further improvements and we are putting effort into creating the most effective model. Akira is testing it in the real field conditions and we’ll improve and tweak the performance.

◆ Fishing Su-paku technique