【Geecrack USA New Instagram account】

◆ Geecrack USA New Instagram account(@geecrack_america)

Geecrack USA got h*cked on Instagram and couldn’t recover it.
Their previous account was deleted.
This is so sad, but they’ve started their new Instagram account,
and there’s good news!!!

Geecrack pro, Alton Jones Jr. got a big win!!!
He got 1st place in the Heavy Hitter tournament.
Bellows Shad is the key to the victory.

* Bellows Shad is sold only in the United States.


Geecrack original S.A.F. material

Choosing an effective soft plastic bait or lure is one of the most important decisions.
When you choose a soft bait, do you consider the material? There is no doubt that color and swimming action play important roles in lure selection, but don’t forget that the material is also an important element of success in bass fishing.

Material which looks and feels similar to live baits, and its scent and taste will cause the fish to hold the lure in its mouth longer.

We blended salt, amino acids, and flavor in our own way, and developed our original material for soft plastic baits. We call it SAF material.(SAF = Salt + Aminos + Flavor)We only use carefully selected salt, amino acids, and flavor.

S.A.F. material is quality material which triggers fish to bite.