Bellows Gill Swimmer

Bellows Gill Swimmer

Available at some stores!!!

Bellwos Gill Series New Model
“Bellows Gill Swimmer 4.2inch”

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We thought it was difficult to create a ribbed body shad tail in the beginning,
but it went through a lot of trial and error.
After many years of testing and development,
we are pleased to announce that it is finally released on the market.

It is molded with heavy ribbing along the top and a split belly with smaller ribbing on the bottom.
It creates a natural swimming action and entices bass to bite.

Bellows Gill Swimmer4.2 and weighted hook # 4/0 – 5/0 are perfect match.


5 thoughts on “Bellows Gill Swimmer

  1. Hello I am a huge fan of the Geecrack Bellows Gill Swimmer… but in California I can’t find them – especially my favorite (Electric Shad). I have caught key fish in tournaments of this bait and now I am glueing the only one I have left. I am trying to find a few packs anywhere with no success… I would like to try some of the other colors too. My team partner started throwing a couple of packs I gave him and now he is hooked and wants to baits too. I live at 845 Glasgow Ct, Lincoln CA 95648 and my USA number is 916-715-4195 my email is you can Google and find me on YouTube – and FLW or MLF website for reference – I am a legitimate tournament angler… I love the swimmer and have figured unique ways to rig the bait. I appreciate you and you fantastic products – Thank you – Roy O. Desmangles Jr.


      1. Tackle Warehouse is back ordered… they are completely out for now… come on guys – I asked for dealers who may have particularly the electric shad and your sending me to TW who has been out of stock for a while. Your not helping me – this is frustrating and slow. I will shop the international markets and maybe TW product is stuck in the shipping ports? If you check their web site you can see for yourself that they are completely out for now. Thanks anyway…RD


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