☆ Fishing guide report from Akira. ☆

Fishing rainy weather.
We only fished in the morning but caught some fat largemouth bass on Revival Shad 4″!!


Saltwater light tackle game fishing.

Angler:Mr. OyaLure : Bellows Gill 2.8

I started with IMO-RIPPER but I didn’t get any bites,so I switched to Bellows Gill2.8.It worked well and I got a lot of bites.

27cm long Oblong rockfish which I caught spat out a baitfish.It was the same size as Bellows Gill 2.8!!!No wonder that they responded very well to it.

Successful Fishing With Bellows Gill2.8 + BF STRONGER 1/8oz!

Angler : Mr. HasegawaPlace : Lake BiwaLure : Bellows Gill2.8 + BS STRONGER

I was going to try many fishing spots but I couldn’t because strong winds were blowing.Fishing was a little bit tough but I was able to catch 49cm long largemouth bass on Bellows Gill2.8 + BF STRONGER 1/8oz.After that I didn’t get any bites.

Moved to another fishing area and cast Bellows Gill2.8 + BF STRONGER 1/8ozagain.52cm long largemouth bass was caught before the sun went down.Bellows Gill2.8 + BF STRONGER 1/8oz helped me successfully catch nice bass.

Geecrack Channel / STEALTH 7

Angler : Lake Biwa Fishing Guide Yama P(Norihito Yamashita)
Place : Lake Biwa
Lure : STEALTH 7

Fishing in September.
There is a lot of baitfish in Lake Biwa this year.
GEECRACK new product STEALTH 7 has been working really well and
producing great results.

◎ Geecrack Channel / STEALTH 7