Field report / Lake Biwa Boat Fishing



Place : Lake Biwa / Japan
Angler : Mr. Nomura
Tackes :
 G-Crawler4.8 # SCUPPERNONG・BLUE-FLAKE(0.9g)
 Double Dutch CAT WALK DDS-70UL

Lake Biwa Boat Fishing
I had some bites early in the morning.
It got windy just before noon.
Fishing was tough but nice fish was caught on G-Crawler!!!
It turned out well.



Field report / PikuPiku Pintal


Place : Tsuruga in Fukui prefecture / Japan
Angler : Mr. Takekoshi

Black rockfish fishing.
It was a bit windy and fishing was tough.
Cast out PikuPiku Pintal2.5inch and reeled back.
I had some bites but couldn’t catch them.

Cast PikuPiku Pintal2 inch and let it curvefall.
Simply cast out and just wait.
This fishing method was efective and I caught some black rockfish.

Field report / Pond fishing


Place : A pond in Aichi prefecture / Japan
Angler : Mr. Koreeda

I felt largemouth bass became sensitive to environmental conditions at spawning time.
Moon Curly produced great result as usual.
A lot of fish were caught on it.
In the evening, I cast ROCK JIG SNIPER # Chart & GYROSTAR3.5.
Nice fish took the bait, but it swam away.

・Today’s result : A lot of small largemouth bass / One Bluegill