Field report / Lake Biwa Boat Fishing



Place : Lake Biwa / Japan
Angler : Mr. Nomura
Tackes :
 G-Crawler4.8 # SCUPPERNONG・BLUE-FLAKE(0.9g)
 Double Dutch CAT WALK DDS-70UL

Lake Biwa Boat Fishing
I had some bites early in the morning.
It got windy just before noon.
Fishing was tough but nice fish was caught on G-Crawler!!!
It turned out well.


Field report / PikuPiku Pintal


Place : Tsuruga in Fukui prefecture / Japan
Angler : Mr. Takekoshi

Black rockfish fishing.
It was a bit windy and fishing was tough.
Cast out PikuPiku Pintal2.5inch and reeled back.
I had some bites but couldn’t catch them.

Cast PikuPiku Pintal2 inch and let it curvefall.
Simply cast out and just wait.
This fishing method was efective and I caught some black rockfish.

Field report / Pond fishing


Place : A pond in Aichi prefecture / Japan
Angler : Mr. Koreeda

I felt largemouth bass became sensitive to environmental conditions at spawning time.
Moon Curly produced great result as usual.
A lot of fish were caught on it.
In the evening, I cast ROCK JIG SNIPER # Chart & GYROSTAR3.5.
Nice fish took the bait, but it swam away.

・Today’s result : A lot of small largemouth bass / One Bluegill

Field report / Pond fishing



Angler : Mr. Miura.
Date : April 22
Place : A pond / Japan
Lure : SUGURI60


Early morning bass fishing.
The first preparation of rice field before planting “Field puddling” started here and there.
The water from rice fields flowed into the pond and the water was muddy.I targeted shallow bass.
Cast out SUGURI60 and used a stop and go technique.
The fish I caught was my first largemouth bass this year.