Employee training trip to Thailand 3


The last day of Employee training trip.
We got to Amazon bkk early in the morning.
Aligator gar caught on TINY GILLING!!!



Employee training trip to Thailand 2


We get up very early everyday during the Employee training trip.
We got up at 2:00 a.m this morning and went Grouper fishing.
Big Grouper reaches 70 kg in weight!!!!

Grouper in this pond are really big.
Geecrack dealer in Thailand, Mr. Tup said

“Swimming Jig is effective for fishing this pond. ”


We had a hard time catching big ones, but were able to catch a lot of Grouper.

And Mr, Taup, he had a big Grouper bite!

It fought aggressively but caught on German Jig + Burglar3.5.
The rod he used was DD-80XXH Iron Bumper.
The fish weighed about 20kg!!!
Nice fish!!!

It was a good fishing day.
We all had a great time.

Geecrack Employee training trip to Thailand


At this time every year, we have a Employee training trip to Thailand.


We went to Pilot 111 Fishing Pond for catching Barramundi, catfish snakehead and etc. on the first day in Thailand.

Geecrack dealer in Thailand, Mr. Tup joined us.
He recommended TINY GILLING for catching monster fish.

Geecrack lures produced great results and we were able to catch SNAKE HEAD, Catfish, Tilapia and Barramundi!!