Field report / Bellows Stick 5.8

Angler : Mr. Sakita
Place : Tsuruda Dam
Lure : Bellows Stick 5.8
There was no bite for a long time.
Only time passed.
I concentrated my effort near a laydown, which was lying in 10m of water.
Cast Bellows Stick 5.8″ / 3.5g / Light Texas rig, and after it hit the bottom, I dragged it.
Then the bass took the bait and pulled on the line hard.
I caught my first bass of the year!!
Geecrack original SAF material is great.
The water temperature was 10℃ but it really enticed fish to bite!!

Campany trip to Thailand

5 days company trip to Thailand.
During our stay, we tested our prototype lures and had an event “Geecrack fan meeting”.
Mr. Tup who is a Geecrack official dealer in Thailand supported us.
We were happy to see many anglers enjoy fishing by using Geecrack products.
A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the event and who supported us.
Fishing for monster fish in Thailand was so exciting.
We had a great time fishing there.

Fishing Orenta using a Fast retrieve


Angler : Mr. Miura
Place : Lake Biwa
Lure : Orenta 70
Rod : Double Dutch DD-78MH DEFENDER


The time just before sunrise.
Fishing Orenta using a very fast retrieve.
My first and second cast produced nothing but my third cast resulted in a 48cm long largemouth bass.
I added weigth to ORENTA and used a very fast retrieve.
It worked well!!