Field report / Moon Curly New Color



Angler : Mr. Nomura
Place : Lake Biwa
Lure : Moon Curly 3″(# KAWA-EBI), Moon Curly 4″(#SECRET PINK)
Rod : Double Dutch THE MERRY DD-75H


Lake Biwa bank fishing .
Water level of Lake Biwa is controlled by the Ministry of Land.
The water level control gates was opened to drain 50 tons water on the day.
Due to the drainage, fishing was tough.

I started fishing around noon.
Cast Decker 8″ / 11g Slip weight rig and Moon Curly 4″ / 11g Slip weight rig
but no bite at all.
I moved to another fishing point and cast Moon Curly 4″(#SECRET PINK).
Fish didn’t respond to it, so I cast Moon Curly 3″(# KAWA-EBI)/ Carolina rig.
In the heard bottom area, fish responded well and I had a lot of bites.



How do you use it??

Imo-ripper 95 is available in 6 colors(4 two tone colors).



#228 JUNE-BUG-BLUE (Two tone)
#255 SEXY-WAKASAGI (Two tone)
#254 ROAST-ZARI (Two tone)


It is made of Geecrack original material “S.A.F material”.
It’s a heavy weight worm.
It’s a versatile worm bait that is great for a variety of rigging styles.



・Natural two tone colors

Fishing topwater. No sinker rigging style is effective.
Give them twitching action.They will work well in clear water.


・Green-Pumpkin is an effective color for fishing cover.



Good for Texas rigs, heavy drop shot rigs and Jika rigs.
Punch through heavy weed cover!!



Imo-ripper is perfect for long casting.
When fishing from shore, make a long cast(Spinnerbaits /Buzz baits ).

How do you use it??


Field report / Make a long cast!!



Lure : Imo-ripper 95 / Beat Craw
Place : Pond in Hyogo prefecture / Japan

・Imo-rippre / No sinker rig
I made a very long cast.
Casting into cover where fishing pressure is low and I had a bite!!

・Beat Craw / Punch shot rig
I used Beat Craw for fishing around cover.


☆  Imo-ripper is perfect for long casting.
Make a long cast near the opposite shore where fishing pressure is low.
Try it out!!