GEECRACK CHANNEL / Fishing Leaf Shrimp in Autumn


・Date : November 2018
・Place : Lake Biwa

Leaf Shrimp / Jika rig is one of the best baits for 2018.
Every time Lake Biwa fishing guide Yama P(Norihito Yamashita) gets out on the water, he catches bigger fish on it.
It is very effective for fishing lake Biwa with fewer weeds.
It continuously produces awesome results.



Geecrack Channel / Autumn river fishing


Angler : Geecrack field tester Seiji Kuroda
Place : Oe river
Date : Oct. 2018
A cold rainy day.
Fishing was tough and only small bass were caught in the morning.
He used his go-to worm baits, Bellows Stick 3.8″ / Carolina rig and bug-tuned Imo-ripper in the afternoon.
They worked well!!
Bellows stick helped him catch nice bass!