Bello-Neko for Late Fall, Early Winter Fishing

Bello-Neko(Bellows Stick 3.8″ / Neko rig) is perfect for fishing in cold weather.It is Geecrack field tester Takaaki Oya’s favorite rig.He often uses it this time of year.

・Bellows Stick 3.8″

・♯2 hook for Trout fishing

・Sinker 1/32oz

・O ring to prevent breakage.

Shake it and then pause the bait to make it rise and fall slowly.

◎ Geecrack Channel / Fishing Bellows Stick

☆ Angler : Takaaki Oya

GEECRACK CHANNEL / Autumn river fishing

Angler : Takaaki Oya(Geecrack field tester)
Place : Oe river
Lure : Bellows Stick3.8[Bellody], Portio Curly

The temperature of water started to decrease.
Autumn has arrived at Oe river.
Takaaki is fishing with Bellody(Bellows Gill + Bredy) in low light conditions in the morning and evening,
and with Portio Curly during the daytime.

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