Geecrack new product / Sunshade Hat



【Size 】One size fits all58cm)
【Material】100% Cotton
【Price】3,800 JPY(Tax excluded)

Great for blocking the sun.
Wide Brim Anti-UV Sunshade Hat.
Light weight and breathable.


Geecrack new product / Snapback Cap



☆Geecrack new product

“Hook Logo Snapback Cap”

Available for purchase at stores!!!

◎ Color : Available in 4 colors.

・ Black / Gray


・ Black



・ White / Black



・ Gray / Red



◎ Size : One size fits all (57cm~61cm)
◎ 3D embroidery GEECRACK LOGO and hook mark on the front.
◎ It has an adjustable strap on the back

◎ WHITE / BLACK and BLACK / GRAY have brims which have camo pattern on their back side.



Brush writing Geecrack Logo

Geecrack Logo written with brush.
It is written in KATAKANA.
(one component of the Japanese writing system)
It is lively and elegant.


A Japanese calligrapher KEISYUN wrote it.
She put her heart and soul into it. 

A lot of Japanese words such as Geecrack, bass, squid, etc get together

and form Geecrack mascot Yamori(gecko in Japanese).


Can you see what words are higing in the YAMORI?
Check it at fishing shows.
There is a Rakkan-in(It is put on a piece of calligraphy
by a calligrapher when it is completed. )
on the left hand of Yamori.
It makes Geecrack YAMORI cool!

This is about the Japanese Calligrapher KEISYUN.
(↓From KEISYUN’s website)

In 2000, she received her full proficiency in Japanese Calligraphy
and got her gago (pseudonym)”KEISYUN”.
She is a pioneer in Japanese Calligraphy, and allways express Japanese calligraphy with the sense of modern world.
She combines traditional Japanese Calligraphy and entertainment.
As a performer she performed at an event hold by TOYOTA, Guggenheim Museum in Spain, etc.
She performs not only in Japan, but also in Europe.
And she also collaborates with various artists.


For more details, check KEISYUN’s website.