Geecrack Channel / Fishing video shooting

Video shooting for geecrack Channel.

Place : Kyushu region, Japan
Angler: Yuho Ito(Lake Biwa fishing guide)
Lure : Bellody[Ceecrack / Bellows Stick3.8 + zappu / Bredy1.8g + # 2 Hook]

The video is coming soon!!

◎ Underwater action / Bellody

Stealth Seven Incredible Results

Incredible results!!Fishing guide report from Lake Biwa fishing guide Yama P(Norihito Yamahsita).They caught 20 largemouth bass on Stealth seven + Gyrostar 3″ only in the morning on Stealth seven + Gyrostar 3″.16 of them were really big!!! Stealth Seven really attracted big largemouth bass.

Geecrack New Alabama rig”Stealth Seven” is coming this October.