Stealth Seven Incredible Results

Incredible results!!Fishing guide report from Lake Biwa fishing guide Yama P(Norihito Yamahsita).They caught 20 largemouth bass on Stealth seven + Gyrostar 3″ only in the morning on Stealth seven + Gyrostar 3″.16 of them were really big!!! Stealth Seven really attracted big largemouth bass.

Geecrack New Alabama rig”Stealth Seven” is coming this October.

Fishing Guide Report / Akira Guide Service

It was quite chilly but RIVIVAL SHAD4″(Supaku rig) was really effective.

Place: Lake Biwa
Lure : RIVIVAL SHAD4″(Supaku rig)

●You can watch how to rig a SUPAKU in this video.

  • It is at 5 minutes 3 seconds of this video!

*It is at 11 minutes 6 seconds of this video!