Lake Biwa Spring Bass Fishing

【Field Report】

Fish guide : Lake Biwa fishing guide Yama P(Norihito Yamashita).
Lure : Imo-Ripper 95, Leaf Shrimp4.8/Jika rig, Stealth7

Really awesome lure to catch big bass.

【Field report】

Fishing guide : Yama P(Norihito Yamashita)
Place : Lake Biwa
Lure : IMO-RIPPER95 / No sinker style

Yama P’s fishing guest caught nice spring bass on IMO-RIPPER95 / No sinker style.

Yama P rigs it No sinker style even when he targets at 4m depth water.
IMO-RIPPER is heavily impregnated with salt to give it a great action in deep water depths.
Target man-made structures or hard bottom by using IMO-RIPPER.

Smallest Bellows Stick

【Field Report】

Smallest Bellows Stick

☆ Bellows Stick2.8″ ☆

Bellows Stick2.8 is not just a downsized version of Ballows Stick.
In addition to the original characteristics, we made some further improvement.
Geecrack field testers have been producing good results by using Bellows Stick2.8″.

This is a bite size soft plastic bait, but it pushes water and has a powerful appeal to fish.
Perfect for shore fishing or fishing on a high-pressure fields.

Coming soon!!

River fishing for spring bass / AVANTI MAGNUM DR

・Date : March14 2020

・Place: A river in Yoro(Gifu prefecture)


・Reel : abu ALT

・Line : Fluorocarbon16lb

・Lure : Geecrak / AVANTI MAGNUM DR

Early spring fishing in the cold rain.

Fishing wasn’t easy.

I tried different fishing techniques for catching bass,but didn’t get a single bite.

I chose AVANTI MAGNUM DR and cast it into a shallow area.

Then I began a pumping retrieve.I didn’t get a bite on my first cast, but fish hit the

bait on my second cast.

The 45 cm long bass was deeply hooked.