Swimming Jig Head / TRAPEJIUM 2



We have been working hard on new rod “TRAPEJIUM 2”.
It will be available for purchase at the end of this year.

Does “TRAPEJIUM” ring a bell??

If it does, you must be a big fan of Geecrack.
Geecrack is established in 2004, and shortly after that we started to work on “TRAPEJIUM”, rod for Swimming Jig Head.

“Let your bait swim naturally at mid-water depth.”
It is a popular fishing method for fishing Northern part of Lake Biwa.

“TRAPEJIUM” has come a long way over time.
It has been developed and “TRAPEJIUM 2” will be available soon!!


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“TRAPEJIUM” is a glass rod, it consists mainly of glass fibers.
“TRAPEJIUM 2” is a carbon rod, it consists of 25% Glass fiber and 75% Carbon fiber.




24t middle elastic carbon and glass fiber sheets are contained.
It has elasticity and springs back slowly.
It helps your worm bait look more natural and will trigger fish to take the bait.
And it reduces the chances of losing fish after hook set.





Glass fiber rods tend to be comparatively heavy and thick.
“TRAPEJIUM 2” contained middle elastic carbon and low elastic glass fibers.
It is a light weight sharp action rod.The blank has higher elasticity. It absorbs all the instant power of running fish.




Set the hook and never lose fish.
We field tested TRAPEJIUM 2 and it worked well.
Big Largemouth bass(over 50 cm in length) was caught without using a drag system!!




Leaving TRAPEJIUM characteristics such as “reduce loss of fish”, “keep the hook firmly”, TRAPEJIUM 2 has been developed and designed.




TRAPEJIUM has a rod balancer system.
TRAPEJIUM 2 has the rod balancer system as well.
Each balance weight is 5g, and they allow you to balance your rod ±15g.
A balanced rod keeps your hands in a relaxed position that allows you to feel small changes in line tension.




We attached various lures to TRAPEJIUM 2 to see how many kilograms are most well balanced.
We think approximately 15g balance weights seem to balance very well.




Catch cautious and smart largemouth bass with this rod!!




DOUBLE DUTCH SERIES “TRAPEJIUM 2” will be available for purchase at the end of this year.

Shinji Sato / Largemouth bass over 4 kg !!!



Movie shooting for Geecrack Channel.
Big Largemouth bass was caught on GS BLADON in the evening !!!
It was over 4kg in weight!!!!







GS-Bladon works really well.
Shinji said ” It looks as if it really is a live bait for fish.”






The movie is coming soon.
Don’t miss it!!!


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Field report / Imo-Ripper pond fishing


Angler : Geecrack field tester Ms. Murakami
Date : November 13,14
Place : Lake Biwa, a pond
Lure : Moon Curly 3 inch / Imo-Ripper60


・Fishing Lake Biwa – Moon Curly 3 inch

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・Pond fishing – Imo-Ripper.



Whipping the lure in a quick, sharp motion,
I paid close attention to the bait and searched for fish.
And fish caught on Imo-Ripper!!!
After the catch I had a bite, but unfortunately I couldn’t land it.
I was so shocked. There were no words to express how shocked I was!!!

I will catch nice fish for sure next time!!

Geecrack Shoulder Bag “TANK”



The sample of new product.
This is a fifth sample of the new Shoulder Bag.
Shoulder Bag “TANK”is scheduled to be available in this coming spring.It is about twice as big as existing lines.

It can easily take big tackle cases
such as Geecrack VERSUS TACKLE CASE “VS-3043”.
【VS-3043 / SIZE 355mm × 225 mm × 80mm】




Every parts of the Shoulder Bag are finely designed.

Field report / Tighten up the slack line!-IMO RIPPER



Angler : Geecrack field tester Mr. Nomura
Lure : IMO-RIPPER60(# 011 BLUEGILL)0.9g

Deep water fishing, at a depth of about 10m.
I caught 3 largemouth bass!!!




And I caught two fish in a boulder area!!




“Tighten up the slack line and move the lure a little bit.”
This action was very effective.




IMO-RIPPER creates a unpredictable movement when it falls.
I like it a lot!
It creates different movements depending on where you put a Nail sinker.

Field report / Bank fishing



Angler : Geecrack field tester Mr. Koreeda
Date : November 6
Place : A pond in Aichi prefecture / Japan
Weather : Fine
Water temperature : 16~18℃
MoonCurly 3inch

There was already an angler fishing the pond.
I wanted to start fishing there but went to another pond.
In the past two weeks, I couldn’t catch any fish on the pond
as the water quality was bad.
The water was muddy but the quality was much better on the day.
Cast G-BLADE 3/8 and slow-rolled it, sometimes let the lure hit obstacles on the bottom.
I caught two largemouth bass!!
They were over 40 cm in length and 1280g and 1080g in weight.




I moved to next fishing point.
Slow-rolled G-BLADE and caught small largemouth bass.
I cast Geecrack new product IMO-RIPPER into a rock pile area
and let it sink and gave it a few twitches and let it sink again.
I caught largemouth bass which was about 30 cm in length.




IMO-RIPPER has a long casting ability in no sinker style,
and it is one of the great lures for Skipping.

I moved to another pond.
Small largemouth bass were biting like crazy last week.
I found some small largemouth bass swimming.
I cast MUSHIGAERU and easily caught two fish!




After that fish were not responding at all.
I cast IMO-RIPPER40 again and easily caught fish again!
When the lure hit the bottom, I gave the rod small twitches
and let it sink again.
I had a lot of bites!!

How about Swimming Jig Head???
I cast MOONCURLY 3inch Swimming Jig Head,
and after one hour I caught more than 10 fish.
They were small though.




On the way back home, I stopped at the pond I wanted to fish.
Cast G-Blade and slow-rolled it.
I caught 2 fish which were about 30 cm in length.

It gets cold in the morning and at night.
Water temperature goes down a little each day.

I caught a lot of fish and some nice fish.
I was satisfied with the results.