Swimming Jig Head / TRAPEJIUM 2



We have been working hard on new rod “TRAPEJIUM 2”.
It will be available for purchase at the end of this year.

Does “TRAPEJIUM” ring a bell??

If it does, you must be a big fan of Geecrack.
Geecrack is established in 2004, and shortly after that we started to work on “TRAPEJIUM”, rod for Swimming Jig Head.

“Let your bait swim naturally at mid-water depth.”
It is a popular fishing method for fishing Northern part of Lake Biwa.

“TRAPEJIUM” has come a long way over time.
It has been developed and “TRAPEJIUM 2” will be available soon!!


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“TRAPEJIUM” is a glass rod, it consists mainly of glass fibers.
“TRAPEJIUM 2” is a carbon rod, it consists of 25% Glass fiber and 75% Carbon fiber.




24t middle elastic carbon and glass fiber sheets are contained.
It has elasticity and springs back slowly.
It helps your worm bait look more natural and will trigger fish to take the bait.
And it reduces the chances of losing fish after hook set.





Glass fiber rods tend to be comparatively heavy and thick.
“TRAPEJIUM 2” contained middle elastic carbon and low elastic glass fibers.
It is a light weight sharp action rod.The blank has higher elasticity. It absorbs all the instant power of running fish.




Set the hook and never lose fish.
We field tested TRAPEJIUM 2 and it worked well.
Big Largemouth bass(over 50 cm in length) was caught without using a drag system!!




Leaving TRAPEJIUM characteristics such as “reduce loss of fish”, “keep the hook firmly”, TRAPEJIUM 2 has been developed and designed.




TRAPEJIUM has a rod balancer system.
TRAPEJIUM 2 has the rod balancer system as well.
Each balance weight is 5g, and they allow you to balance your rod ±15g.
A balanced rod keeps your hands in a relaxed position that allows you to feel small changes in line tension.




We attached various lures to TRAPEJIUM 2 to see how many kilograms are most well balanced.
We think approximately 15g balance weights seem to balance very well.




Catch cautious and smart largemouth bass with this rod!!




DOUBLE DUTCH SERIES “TRAPEJIUM 2” will be available for purchase at the end of this year.