Field report / Katakuchiiwashi(Japanese anchovy) pattern

Field report from Mr. Kimura(GEECRACK FIELD TESTER).

DATE: October 27th
PLACE: Inner part of Kobe bay

The spring-tide of inner part of Kobe bay.

I used Katakuchiiwashi pattern.
I cast a lure at the boiling fish,and it went down a little.
Then, I reeled in quickly.
I stopped the lure sometimes, and it was very effective.

I caught 5 Sea bass and 2 Largehead hairtail in two hours.

High performance GYROSTAR3.5in.


Field report / My favorite lure, GILLING!

Field report from Osaka.

DATE: October 24th 2015


“Catch trophy-sized Sea Bass with GILLING165HF!!”
This was what I wanted to do.

And the result was…

I got 3 Sea Bass, 86cm, 83cm, 78cm!!

GILLING is beautiful, and gives me great performances.
This is my favorite lure.

The boat captain got interested in it.
GILLING might be popular among anglers on Nakaumi.

I will tune it and enjoy fishing more.
I hope salt color, sinking model, and bigger GILLING will be available in the near future.

Catching trophy-sized fish with GILLING is really exciting.


Thank you for your field report!
GILLING165HF is bigger than GILLING 125.
It is a 3 jointed-lure which stimulate the threatening behavior and feeding habits of fish.

SHOOTING! (Ohe river)

We shot a fishing movie on Ohe river which is one of the major rivers in Gifu prefecture in Japan yesterday.


The angler was Mr.Oya.
As soon as he started fishing, he got the first fish with GYROSTAR3.5 TEXAS RIG.

He always gets good results in fishing on Ohe river.
He caught the second fish with MOON CURLY DS.


For catching fish in this season,
he added a new twist to the line.
Check it out on the movie!

He predicted the behavior of fish in this season, and find fish.
However the wind started to blow in the afternoon.

He used BB MUSTANG and had a good bite!
Unfortunately, it went away.
But after that he caught the last fish for the day with BB MUSTANG50!

o0480064013466559995  o0480064013466560016

We had regrets about the nice-sized fish which went away,
but we shot a great fishing movie of Mr. Oya.

Don’t miss it!!