Field report / G-BLADE



Angler : Mr. Sonehara
Place : Chitanoike, Aichi pref. / Japan
Rod: DoubleDutch DD-75H TheMerry 
Lure : G-Blade(Chart-White)


Due to the Typhoon, it rained a lot on Sunday, but I went fishing in the morning.
The water of the pond rose and it was really muddy.
Cast G-BLADE and reel faster in shallow water near cover.
I caught good sized fish!!!
G-Blade has been producing good results.



New Gyrostar



New Gyrostar are in production at Geecrack factory.
The smallest 3″ model is added to the series.
Geecrack original S.A.F material is used.







Deep fishing / Shallow fishing



Angler : Lake Biwa fishing guide Mr. Yasui
Place : Lake Biwa


Autumn rain.
Fishing lake Biwa on the day before the typhoon.


○ Northern part of lake Biwa – Deep fishig / Jig pattern

Caught nice fish on GYRO STAR3.5 / 3/4oz Jig!!
The biggest one was 55 cm.



○ Southern part of lake Biwa – Shallow fishing / Mat punching

I had some bites!!
The biggest fish I caught was over 50cm in length.(Lure : Gyro Star3.5 / 1 oz)


Fall pond fishing / G-BLADE



Angler : Mr. Yamamoto
DATE : Oct. 17 / 2017
Place : Chitanoike
Lure : G-BLADE 1/2 oz(HOT TIGER)


It had been raining since yesterday, but I went to Chitanoike for fishing.The rain filled up the pond and the water was really muddy. Bad fishing conditions, but I was able to narrow down a target area.
Big largemouth bass was caught on G-BLADE 1/2 oz / # HOT-TIGER.




I used a fishing method called “COMPACT S JERK”.
This is a good method, big fish respond well.
When small sized fish respond well to G-BLADE and big bass don’t, I think this method is effective.

Geecrack new product / Snapback Cap



☆Geecrack new product

“Hook Logo Snapback Cap”

Available for purchase at stores!!!

◎ Color : Available in 4 colors.

・ Black / Gray


・ Black



・ White / Black



・ Gray / Red



◎ Size : One size fits all (57cm~61cm)
◎ 3D embroidery GEECRACK LOGO and hook mark on the front.
◎ It has an adjustable strap on the back

◎ WHITE / BLACK and BLACK / GRAY have brims which have camo pattern on their back side.