Movie clip / Frog Lure Field test

PLACE : Ohe river

Angler : Geecrack field tester Takaaki Ohya

We have been developing a new fishing lure with Takaaki Ohya.
He always produces great results on Ohe river.
From spring to late autumn, the fishing situation of the river
is tough.
In order to catch largemouth bass on the high pressure water,
we started to develop the frog lure.

A lure for largemouth bass which eat frogs.
It is still under development.
Click here to watch the mivie clip

Movie clip / Kameyama Dam in June


PLACE : Kameyama Dam / Boso Peninsula in Chiba pref. / Japan
Angler : GEECRACK Field Tester Kenji Ohe

Fishing on the high pressure water.
Target largemouth bass which recovered from spawning activity.
The movie clip starts with Top water fishing
And fishing in cover with new G-CRAWLER
during the hottest time of the day.
In the evening, nice fish is caught on GYRO BAIT130!!!!
It is an impressive catch!

He catches more than 12 fish in a day!!!

Don’t miss it!!

Click here to watch the movie↓

Field report / Geecrack Field tester Mr. Koreeda

DATE : June 18th
PLACE : A pond in Chita / Japan
Shade fishing.
I caught 6 fish, and 3 of them were over 40cm in length.

There were a lot of post spawn largemouth bass.


Small rubber jig or no sinker rig were effective
rather than Texas rig or jig.
Cast and let the bait fall slowly.

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When I do bottom fishing mainly, I use LEAF SHRIMP 2.8 as a trailer.
And when I make the bait fall, I use MOON CURLY.

Silicone rubber with tinsel is adopted for FIRE BOY JIG.
So, it is really effective when the water gets muddy.