Geecrack / Semi hard case L


Very convenient and easy to store.
You can keep your reels and fish finder neatly.
It will be available for purchase at stores by the end of this week.

Field report / Gyro☆Star

Angler : Mr. Sonehara
Place : Chitano pond
Lure : Gyro Star 3.5
Rod : Double Dutch DD-70MH DustyMirror
I went fishing after work.
Cast Gyrostar and let it run across the surface of water.
When fish took it, it created spectacular surface explosion!
There is nothing that comes close to the excitement of the surface explosion from Bass!!

Lake Biwa Boat fishing / Prototype worm


Angler : Mr. and Mrs. Uda
Date : June 14
Place : Southern part of lake Biwa
Lure : Prototype ring worm
Fish size : 40 cm ~ 47cm




Fishing in weed areas where water caltrop reached near the surface.
The water dapth was about 2 m ~ 3m.
Drop shot fishing.Fish responded well and we caught more than 10 fish.
The protorype worm is small but durable.
It will not easy to be broken or dameged.
We made our fishing video . ↓↓↓


Sea Bass fishing



Angler : Mr. Shibata
Lure : Gyro star 3.5
Place : Osaka bay
Boat : Sea Magical


Saltwater fishing.
I caught sea bass, yellow fin sea bream, and ray on Gyro star 3.5 + 14g jighead!!
The ray broke my landing net !!!
It made me busy landing the fish.
Sea Bass fishing is really exciting.



Light Game Fishing

Angler : Mr. Nagao
Lure : Imo-ripper 40 / Leaf Shrimp 2.8(My original rig)
Place : Nagoya port / Japan


Fishing for marbled rockfish.
Cast GIGA AJI JIG HEAD 0.7g + Imo-ripper 40(Green Pumpkin)
and pumped my rod to move the bait up and down near the bottom of water.
20 minutes after I started fishing, I caught my first marbled rockfish of the day.
After that I didn’t get a single bite.
I moved to another fishing point and cast leaf Shrimp2.8(MAD-SHRIMP).
I used the same fishing method as I used for my first catch.
It didn’t work well first, but I thought I could manage to catch fish
because fish took the bait three times and the tidal bottom current was good and the water was moving.
My second cast … I got snagged.
The tidal bottom current was quite fast.
To avoid snagging, I cast GIGA AJI JIG HEAD 0.3g + Imo-ripper 40(Ghost Gill) .
Then I got plenty of bites!!!
The biggest marbled fish I caught on the day was 22 cm in length.



I also cast Leaf Shrimp(Water melon) / My original rig and caught some more fish.
I caught 12 more fish in 1 hour.
If I didn’t stop fishing, I might catch nearly 30 fish.



Imo-ripper and Leaf Shrimp are effective for fishing largemouth bass and have produced great results.
They are really effective for rockfish fishing as well.
Great weapons for both bass fishing and salt water fishig.