Field report / Gyro☆Star

Angler : Mr. Sonehara
Place : Chitano pond
Lure : Gyro Star 3.5
Rod : Double Dutch DD-70MH DustyMirror
I went fishing after work.
Cast Gyrostar and let it run across the surface of water.
When fish took it, it created spectacular surface explosion!
There is nothing that comes close to the excitement of the surface explosion from Bass!!

Lake Biwa Boat fishing / Prototype worm


Angler : Mr. and Mrs. Uda
Date : June 14
Place : Southern part of lake Biwa
Lure : Prototype ring worm
Fish size : 40 cm ~ 47cm




Fishing in weed areas where water caltrop reached near the surface.
The water dapth was about 2 m ~ 3m.
Drop shot fishing.Fish responded well and we caught more than 10 fish.
The protorype worm is small but durable.
It will not easy to be broken or dameged.
We made our fishing video . ↓↓↓