Squid fishing / DROPPER EGI

DROPPER EGI is under development. It is designed for Ika metal squid fishing, but also great as a dropper for Tip Run Eging. It is dependable when nothing else is working.When squid stop biting, try this. It’ll help you catch more squid.
The production will start soon.


We added 4 new colors to DOROBOU SUTTE.

・#061 BLUE / UV KARAKUSA-HEAD (NEW) (UV emission & Noctilucent BLUE)

・#062 PINK / UV KARAKUSA-PURPLE (NEW) (UV emission & Noctilucent BLUE)

・#063 BLUE-YAKOU-IWASHI (NEW) (Noctilucent BLUE)

・#064 BLUE-YAKOU-AJI (NEW) (Noctilucent BLUE)