Movie shooting / Fishing Ohe river



Angler : Mr. Oya
Place : Ohe river / Japan
Lure : Imo-ripper / Revival Shad

Summer is nearly over and fall is just around the corner,
but there’s still floating weeds in the water.
Topwater pattern in the weeds still worked well.
Mr. Oya caught high quality bass!!!

The movie is coming soon!!

Moon Curly / Neko rig worked well!


Angler : Mr. Miyamoto
Place : Chitano-ike, Aichi pref. / Japan
Lure : Moon Curly 3″ (# NUMA-EBI)/ Neko rig


Sight fishing.
I caught 4 fish on Moon Curly 3″(# NUMA-EBI) / Neko rig.
Moon Curly provides small silhouette but its tail grabs more water and appeals to fish.
Fish can easily find it.


Really big fish caught on Imo-ripper.

Angler : Mr. Saito
Place : A pond
Lure : Imo-Ripper 40



Short fishing trip.
As it rained last night, the water was a bit muddy and fish didn’t respond well.
I almost gave up catching largemouth bass and was about to go home.
At that moment, big fish hit my lure!!!
It was a really big catfish!!!
It swallowed Imo-Ripper 40(# Scuppernong).




I went fishing for largemouth bass but caught a really big catfish.
I had mixed feelings about this.

Must have items for deep water bass fishing!

△ Field report from Mr. Kitakata / NORTH WAVE



Deep water bass fishing.
Nice bass hit Moon Curly 3″ and my fishing guest caught 52 cm / 2,700g largemouth bass!!

・Rod : Double Dutch DDS-610ML THUNDER ROLL / Double Dutch DDS-69 WALNUTS
・Lure: Moon Curly 3″ / G-CRAWLER 5.8″
・Place : Lake Biwa


I caught 50 cm largemouth bass on G-GRAWLER 5.8″ / NEKO rig / # Noike(New Color. Coming soon.).


The rods we used were Double Dutch DDS-610ML THUNDER ROLL and Double Dutch DDS-69 WALNUTS.
Both have enough power in the butt sections to fight and control big fish.They are must have items for deep water bass fishing!



Field report / Moon Curly 4″

△ Field report from Mr. Kitakata / NORTH WAVE


My fishing guest caught nice largemouth bass!!
It was 53 cm long and 3,000g in weight.
Moon Curly 4″ was more effective than 3″ on the day.




・Rod : Double Dutch DDSー70UL CAT WALK
・Lure: Moon Curly 4inch # 220 Green Pumpkin/Chart(New color.Coming soon!) / Drop shot rig
・Place : Notrhern part of Lake Biwa
★ Moon Curly new colors will be available soon!!

Fishing for Largehead hairtail


Lure : Tiger Dragon
Fishing boat : Sea magical


Tiger Gragon / Syakuten fishing technique event.
People who attended the event used Syakuten fishing method for the first time.
Fishing was a bit tough in the beginning, but they soon got the hang of it and caught nice largehead hairtail!!

* Syakuten fishing technique = Cast “Tiger Dragon” and Jerk several times and stay.