Yahman Stick / Neko rig Technique



We’ve got field report from lake Biwa fishing guide Yama P.
Nice bigger fish caught on Yahman Stick!!!



He said “Cast Yahman Stick and let it make its way to a weed.
When it is hooked to the weed, move your rod to free the lure from it and then use “Lift and Stay” technique.
You will be able to catch bigger fish on Yahman Stick / Neko rig by using this technique.



Fishing Horse mackerel



Angler : Mr. Yamaguchi
Place : Mie prefecture in Japan
Lure : Pikupiku pintail


Boat fishing for Horse mackerel.
I used a light fishing tackle as I was fishing at 20 meters depth.
Geecrack / Pikupiku pintail matched to the size of the bait fish
and produced good results.



Yahman Stick / Punch shot rig



Angler : Mr. Okumura
Place : Lake Biwa
Lure : Yahman Stick 12″ / Punch shot rig


◆ August 16

It was the first time to use Yahman Stick / Punch Shot rig.
I had a lot of bites and caught 3 bigger bass.

・49cm 1450g
・54cm 2200g
・51cm 1650g


◆August 20

Many anglers were fishing on Lake Biwa.
Cast Yahman Stick / Punch shot rig and let it fall.
Bass took the bait on the fall!!

The falling action of Yahman Stick is unbelievable.
It really attract fish to bite.
I had a lot of bites and caught 3 bigger bass on the day.

・53cm 2200g
・48cm 1900g
・44cm 1250g

Lake Biwa fishing guides meeting


Lake Biwa fishing guide Youth Association had a meeting last night.
They are busy and don’t have much chance to get together.
It was a good opportunity to exchange information and ideas for fishing. We will develop our products that reflect their desires and ideas. Geecrack products will not let you down!!


Moon Curly 4″



Field report from Mr. Oda(Lake Biwa fishing guide).


Whereas Moon Curly is perfect for targeting big largemouth bass, Moon Curly 4 inch is perfect for getting a lot of bites!

・Moon Curly 4 inch / 2.7g / Deop shot rig / Offset hook # 1

Use “Lift & Fall” technique mainly, but when fish hit it well near the bottom, let it stay a bit longer.
Keep your eyes open while fishing.
Not only small fish, but also big ones will hit it.

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