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Targeting big bass / Decker 8″



Field report from Mr.Oda(Lake Biwa fishing guide).
It’s still middle of summer.
Curly tail type worms work well for fishing Lake Biwa.
Decker 8″ / Texas rig and Decker 8″ / Punch shot rig are great for catching big bass.
When I want my lure fall slowly and sit on weeds, I rig Decker Texas Style.
When I want my lure fall fast and target fish in the weed masses, I rig it Punch shot style.
The sinker I useally use is 5g to 7g, but when I cast my lure into weeds, I use 10g weight.

I use # CLEAR RED for fishing in clear water, # GREEN-PUMPKIN or SCUPPERNONG for fishing in stained water,
and # GREEN-PUMPKIN-BLUE-FLAKE or SCUPPERNONG-BLUE-FLAKE for fishing in muddy water.
I choose a color that stands out in water such as # FLASH-GILL or # SPRAYED-GRASS for greater appeal when fishing under low light conditions..

Match your lure colors to the water clarity and weather.

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Field report / Bellows Stick


Angler : Mr. Nomura
Place : Lake Biwa, Japan
Lure : Bellows Stick(# Morning Dawn) / Decker 8(# Clear Red)” / Moon Curly 4″(# Lake Gill)
Rod : Double Dutch The Merry DD-75H


One day fishing trip.
I found a largemouth bass swimming around near shore.
It seemed not to hit a lure but seemed to suspend.
Not to draw fishing pressure, I let it swim and cast my lure to offsore.
After that, I dropped Bellows Stick / Texas rig / 5g into water.
When I added action to my lure, the suspended bass hit it. I successfully set the hook firmly and caught the nice largemouth bass.It was over 50 cm long.


When I was using Decker8″ / Carolina rig to locate offshore bass, I had a bite!
I caught one more bass on Decker, but it was smaller than the first Decker fish.


In the afternoon, I had few bites.
Searched for fish in a hard bottom area by using Moon Curly4″.
I added one action to it and let it stay.
Largemouth bass over 55 cm long took the bait!




The technique I used was like this.
Cast my lure and move it along the bottom.
Let it touch weeds or something and bounce it off the bottom just a little bit and stay.
It was really effective and I had a lot of bites.
Lots of Geecrack field testers use this fishing technique.
I watched the fishing movies and learnt the technique.

Catching fish by sight fishing was the most exciting and rewarding on the day!

Boat fishing for horse mackerel



Angler : Mr. Fujimoto
Place : Mie prefecture, Japan


Hook:GEECRACK Gigaaji jighead 0.3g
Line:PE0.# 4、Leader Fluoro carbon # 2.5(10lb)
Worm:GEECRACK PikuPiku pin tail 2.5inch、Piropiro shad 2inch、Moon Curly2inch
Sinker : # 10(38g)


Pikupiku pintail really attracts fish to bite.
Fish responded well to the COLOR # LIGHT GREEN GLOW last night.