Fishing for Largehead hairtail


Lure : Tiger Dragon
Fishing boat : Sea magical


Tiger Gragon / Syakuten fishing technique event.
People who attended the event used Syakuten fishing method for the first time.
Fishing was a bit tough in the beginning, but they soon got the hang of it and caught nice largehead hairtail!!

* Syakuten fishing technique = Cast “Tiger Dragon” and Jerk several times and stay.

Yahman Stick / Neko rig Technique



We’ve got field report from lake Biwa fishing guide Yama P.
Nice bigger fish caught on Yahman Stick!!!



He said “Cast Yahman Stick and let it make its way to a weed.
When it is hooked to the weed, move your rod to free the lure from it and then use “Lift and Stay” technique.
You will be able to catch bigger fish on Yahman Stick / Neko rig by using this technique.