Lure development – Supaku Swimmer

We have been developing Supaku Swimmer with Lake Biwa fishing guide Akira.
It is still under development but it has already proven to catch fish.

Akira caught two nice bass on Supaku Swimmer!!!!

We are putting our effort into creating them to make the most effective model.

Early spring fishing / Caught nice spring bass!

Lake Biwa fishing guide Norihito Yamashita caught nice spring bass on Geecrack / IMO-KEMUSHI 95!!!!
His fishing guest Mr. Nukaga also caught nice bass on IMO-KEMUSHI and Bellows Gill2.8.

・IMO-KEMUSHI 95 # Scuppernong Blue Flake, # Natural Green Pumpkin(THEORIZE SWG-M6/0)
・Bellows Gill 2.8 # Scuppernong Blue Flake / Free rig(Through Stack Sinker 1/2oz, THEORIZE SWG-M1/0)