Spring fishing with Yahman Stick.



The spring weather is changeable.
It was really windy the day before but really cold on the day.
Cast lure into stained water but fish didn’t respond at all.
Cast Yahman Stick6″ into stained water around a fish holding structure and let it fall.
Fish hit the bait when I felt it hit the bottom.
I set the hook, giving the fish enough time to take the bait all the way into its mouth.
It was almost 50cm long and in great shape.
After that I moved to another fishing spot.
I caught some fish including the 49cm long bass.


Fishing guide report / Lake Biwa


Fishing guide report from lake Biwa fishing guide Yama P(Norihito Yamashita).



Leaf Shrimp4.8″ / Jika rig is really effective especially in spring and early summer.
Lake Biwa fishing guide Yama P and his fishing guests caught a lot of big bass on Leaf Shrimp4.8″.
The biggest one was 61cm long and over 4kg.




The effective colors on the day was # KUWASEMOEBI and # SCUPPERNONG-BUG.

★ Yama P’s tackle

●Rod:MH~H class
Double Dutch DD-70MH Dusty Mirror
Double Dutch HELLS GATE 70MH HELLS CORE(Special rod for leaf shrimp 4.8″ / Jika rig.)
●Reel:Metanium MGL HG(Studio Composite RC-DC PLUS 27XL 92mm)
●Line:KUREHA R18 14lb~16lb
●Hook:Gamakatsu / LD Master #3/0(Split ring / Swivel)
●Sinker:Kanji International / THROUSTA SINKER(Prototype)1/4oz





★ Geecrack Channel / Fishing Leaf Shrimp4.8″ / Jika rig
Angler : Norihito Yamashita

Fishing Prototype Crankbait

This prototype Crankbait was first shown to the public at The Keep Cast 2019.
It is still under development and we have been testing it in the real field conditions.
Lake Biwa fishing guide Yuho Ito caught bigger bass on the prototype during testing.
It was 59cm long!!He caught two big bass on the day.
This prototype will be a crankbait which allows a light feel when you reel it in.
This will give you a good feel for what’s happening underneath the surface.