Fishing the Alabama Rig




Autumn is here, the water temperature is getting lower and lower.
Alabama rigs can be effective during the cold water fishing.

Geecrack / Merry G FX, CORN HEAD BLADE, and GYRO STAR are best for an Alabama rig.
Attach the jigheads to the arms, and use a slightly bigger worm on the center lure arm.




Lake Biwa Boat Fishing / Bellows Gill

Angler : Mr. Saito
Place : Lake Biwa
Lure : Bellows Gill(Jig trailer)
Boat fishing for largemouth bass.
I was fishing on the water of northern part of lake Biwa in the morning but moved to southern part when the water got rough.
I cast light Texas rig and let it bounce at a rocky point.
When I let it stay, nice largemouth bass hit the bait!!

Field report / Jig + Spiron



Caught 58cm long bass on Spiron + 1/2oz Jig!!

Angler :taiga
Place :Lake Biwa
Lure :Spiron + 1/2oz Jig




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