River fishing in heavy wind. / Portio Curly, Bellody

Angler : Mr. Funahashi
Place : Gosan river
Lure : Bellows Stick3.8, Portio Curly

Two days fishing on Gosan river.

DAY 1 :

Bass fishing in heavy wind.
Caugth two bass and snakehead on the first day.

DAY2 :

Bass fishing in heavy wind again.
I got many bites but didn’t catch bigger ones.
5 average sized bass were caught on the second day.

Awesome Autumn Bass Fishing – STEALTH7 and Leaf Shrimp4.8

Angler : Mr. Tanaka


Place : Northern part of Lake Biwa

Late autumn bass fishing.STEALTH7 and Leaf Shrimp4.8 enticed nice fall bass to bite!!

◎ STEALTH7 (GYRO STAR3.5 + CORNHEAD BLADE)【Fish size】 46cm

◎ Leaf Shrimp4.8(# KUWASE-MOEBI) / Jika rig【Fish size】 45cm