Fishing Gosan river / Moon Curly



Angler : Mr. Muto
Place : Gosan river
Lure : Moon Curly






It was so cold, only 2℃.
Low temperatures with no wind.
The weather conditions were good for winter bass fishing.
I made pin point casts over and over again and caught two largemouth bass on Moon Curly.
One in the morning and one in the afternoon.




Three jointed bait – Prototype lure



We have been testing and developing this prototype since last year.
It is still under development.
It will be a hard lure which will help you catch big bass in the middle of the day in the summer months!
Can’t wait to catch fish on it.

Caught monster on Bellows stick + German Jig!!

Angler:Mr. Kimura
Place : Lake Biwa
Lure : Bellows stick5.8″ + German Jig
Cast Bellows stick5.8″ + German Jig and reeled it slowly.
I felt the bottom of the lake as I reeled it in.
Then suddenly I felt a light bite.
The fish was powrful and pulled on the line hard.
I calmed myself down and caught the big bass.
It was over 60cm in length and over 5kg in weight.
It was the heaviest bass I’ve ever caught.

A meeting with Yama P !!

Annual lure fishing show
THE KEEP CAST 2019 is held on March 9th and 10th in Nagoya.
It is a biggest fishing show in this area.
We participate in it every year.
Lake Biwa fishing guide Yama P(Norihito Yamashita) came to Geecrack and we had a meeting.
Speaking of Yama P, many people think of Leaf Shrimp4.8 and Avanti magnum MR!!
After the meeting, he tested the Shad Tail which we have been developing with him.
It still needs some more improvements and we’ll make more prototypes until it is perfect.
He also tested Twin Tail Crab.
We have been testing it since last year.
Its size is 4.5″.It can be a great rubber jig trailer and also perfect for Texas rigs
It will be on display at Geecrack booth during the Keep Cast.
The keep cast 2019