Fishing Gosan river / Bellow Gill

Angler : Mr. Shibata
Place : Gosan river
Lure : Bellows Gill 3.8inch, Imo-Ripper Slim 3.8inch
Fishing before dawn.
Retrieved Bellows Gill / Nail rig very slowly.
Fish grabbed the bait and 45 cm long bass was caught on my first cast!
Just before the sun was starting to rise, I cast Imo-ripper slim / No sinker style rig into a school of baitfish.
I used lift and fall technique and caught nice bass.

Boat fishing for rockfish / MAD SHAKER

Angler : Mr. Aizawa
Place : Ishinomaki Bay, Miyagi prefecture
Lure : Mad Shaker 3.5(SEXY PINK / BLUE F)(TENAGA) / Texas rig(24・21g)
High rockfish season is almost here in Tohoku(Northeast region of Japan).
Small oblong rockfish was caught on MAD SHAKER.
SAF material was effective in enticing fish to bite!
It took the bait deep in the mouth.
Water temperatures were still high for rockfish fishing.
The bay still had plenty of blowfish and not so many rockfish had arrived.
Moreover a strong wind started to blow and stir up the water.
In such conditions, I was able to catch small Fat greenling on MAD SHAKER.
I can’t wait for the peak season to start.
MAD SHAKER will help me catch lots of rockfish!!

Caught good size largemouth bass on SPIRON Texas Rig




Angler : Mr. Kojima
Place : Kasumigaura
Lure : Spiron 3.8
Rod : DoubleDUtch DD-72MH Spanky
Line : Fluorocarbon line 14lb





Fishing Kasumigaura.
I cast Bellows Stick / Texas rig, but it was windy and water was rough.
So I changed my lure and cast SPIRON 3.8 / Texas rig and let it swim.
Nicelargemouth bass took the bait!
It was 41cm long and over 1kg in weight.
The water temperature are falling but we can still catch nice fish.

Fishing Naogoya port / Imo-ripper

Angler : Mr. Nagao
Place : Nagoya port
Lure : Imo-ripper40, Portio(Giga Aji Jighead)
Light game fishing.
Cast Giga Aji Jighead 0.5g + Imo ripper40(# Green Pumpkin / Soaked in SAF Formula).
My first and second cast produced nothing but my third cast resulted in a 45cm long black sea bream.
It was a light bite but it pulled on the line hard.
I carefully fought the fish as I was using fluorocarbon line # 0.6.
Afterwards, I caught 5 marbled rockfish on Giga Aji Jighead 0.7g + Portio2.8(# Ghost Gill).
Cast imo-ripper40(# June Bug) and caught another rockfish on it.
As the water changed from high tide to low tide, the current brought cold water.
Fish weren’t responding at all.
I cast Portio2.8 / Wacky Jighead rig again and caught 3 palm-sized marbled rockfish near the bottom.
SAF material and SAF Formula are great.
They really attracted and enticed fish to bite in cold water condition.

DRAGON SLEEPER / Rod for Fishing Hair tail.


DRAGON SLEEPER is a rod which is designed for fishing hairtail by using Tiger Dragon.
It has a high elastic solid tip.
When you get a delicate strike, you will feel it through it.
It has enough power to get a good hookset.
Tiger Dragon and DRAGON SLEEPER are a perfect match.
Use them and you’ll be a successful angler.


* Tiger Dragon is a lure for fishing hairtail.