Amazing prototype!

What an amazing day with Lake Biwa fishing guide Akira.
We tested our prototype soft plastic bait which has numerous legs.

The bass he caught on thesoft plastic bait were all over 50cm long.
It is still under development but has already proven to catch fish.

This soft plastic bait goes well with Geecrack / Nekohack.
Also, it can be rigged in many ways such as Drop shot rigs.

Great soft plastic bait that catch fish all year long in any fishing field.

Caught early spring monster bass!!

Geecrack fiels tester Mr. Hasegawa caught his personal best 4,460g bass
on GEECRACK / IMOKEMUSHI 95mm(Zappu / Bellows hook 5/0).
It was a 64.5 cm long monster bass.

Lure: Geecrack / IMOKEMUSHI 95mm, No sinker rig
Hook: Zappu / Bellows hook 5/0

Not only IMO-RIPPER but also IMOKEMUSH go well with Zappu / Bellows hook.

Early-Spring Patterns for Lake Biwa Bass

Spring is just around the corner.
Geecrack field tester Mr. Yasui(@hayato_yasui1986 )
caught 58 cm long bass on the water of Lake Biwa.


●Rod : Double Dutch PG68MR
●Line: FLUORO 10lb
●Hook: Hayabusa FPJ 1/16oz # 1

Still chilly lake temperatures, but spring is almost here.
Spring time is a great time to be a bass angler.
You can catch numbers and catch spring giant bass.