A fun night with squid fishing!

Fishing with squid metal jigs!!
Squid fishing Event was held on July 6th.
Rainy season is still continuing but it was fine on the day.
White colored squid metal jigs have been producing great results lately.
So, we gave Dorobou Sutte(Event limited color) to all the participants.

We caught loads of squid on Dorobou Sutte and had a great time.


Caught two nice largemouth bass on IRON SHAD.

Angler : Mr. Miura
Place : Lake Biwa(Shore fishing)
Rod : Double Dutch DD-77MH Wild Cherry

Dawn broke and it wasn’t the most productive time of the day.
I kept casting and searched out likely bass holding areas slowly.
Two nice largemouth bass were caught on IRON SHAD.

Fish size : 50cm, 47cm


Bellody in motion!

When Yuho Ito(Lake Biwa fishing guide) went to Kyushu for video shooting for Geecrack channel,
he found Geecrack / Bellows Stick 3.8 and zappu / Bredy 1.8g (#2 HOOK) are a perfect match!

* Bellows Stick 3.8 + zappu / Bredy 1.8g(#2 HOOK) = Bellody

Geecrack Channel / Bellody