Winter Fishing Gosan river / PORTIO

Angler : Mr. Takayuki
Place : Gosan river
Lure : Portio 2.8″
PORTIO is one of the best worms to catch bass during the cold months of the year!
Geecrack original SAF material smells good and taste good.
It entices winter bass to take the bite!!

Lake Biwa Bank Fishing / Bellows Gill


Angler : Mr. Hasegawa
Place : Lake Biwa
Lure : Bellows Gill3.8 / 3.5g / Light Texas rig(THE STOPPER “LIWAMI”, SUPER SURINUKE3.5g,RING DE PILE DRIVER)


Cast Bellows Gill.
Gently gave it a shake and let it stop enough for fish to grab it.
Nice winter bass was caught!!!!
The water was murky, so I chose the lure color GRAPE-CHART(New color for 2019).
Fish like Geecrack lure colors.I’m sure this color will attract and convince them to bite.



Field report / Bellows Stick 5.8

Angler : Mr. Sakita
Place : Tsuruda Dam
Lure : Bellows Stick 5.8
There was no bite for a long time.
Only time passed.
I concentrated my effort near a laydown, which was lying in 10m of water.
Cast Bellows Stick 5.8″ / 3.5g / Light Texas rig, and after it hit the bottom, I dragged it.
Then the bass took the bait and pulled on the line hard.
I caught my first bass of the year!!
Geecrack original SAF material is great.
The water temperature was 10℃ but it really enticed fish to bite!!