Squid fishing



Angler : Mr. Kanetake
Place : Tsuruga in Fukui prefecture, Japan
Lure : Dorobou Sutte, Kosodoro Sutte


Squid fishing.
Kosodoro Sutte worked well with One-pitch jerk.
The color # KARAKUSA-LIME-HEAD was the most effective.


Geecrack Channwl / Leaf Shrimp & Big Crankbait “Avanti Magnum”

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* Angler : Lake Biwa fishing guide Yama P(Norihito Yamashita)
* Lure : Leaf Shrimp / Big Crankbait “Avanti Magnum”
* Place : Lake Biwa


2018 May.
Leaf Shrimp / Jika rig is really effective for spring fishing.
Tips and Techniques for catching largemouth bass!!

Geecrack Channel / Movie shoot




* Angler : Lake Biwa fishing guide Yuho Ito
* Lure : Bluegill shaped Bellows stick “Bellows Gill(Prototype)” /No sinker style, Bellows Stick




Cast Bellows Gill(Prototype) and let it swim up and down over the weeds.59 cm largemouth bass hit it!!!
Bellows Gill is still in the early prototype stage but worked really well!!


・ Total catch of the day – 59cm, 55cm, 54cm, 52cm, 50cm + 4 fish

The movie is coming soon.
Don’t miss it!!