The most effective color was G-Crawler5.8″ # SCUPPERNONG.



Angler : Ms. Sumita
Place : Reservoir, Yamaguchi pref. Japan
Lure : G-Crawler5.8″ # SCUPPERNONG, IMO-RIPPER40
Rod : DD GALAXXY GXY-C65MLF Blue Panther




After a few minutes I started fishing, it started to rain heavily.
Moreover strong winds and thunder.
When it stopped raining, I started fishing again.
G-Crawler5.8″ # SCUPPERNONG was really effective and caught nice bass!!!!
I also caught small bass on Imo-ripper40.




Lake Biwa fishing guide Hayato Yasui visited Geecrack.



We had a meeting with Lake Biwa fishing guide Hayato Yasui at Geecrack factory.
He checked the color and the stiffness of MAD SHAKER(Hog for punching or fishing cover ) .
SAF material is used for making MAD SHAKER.
Moreover garlic shrimp flavour is added to it.



As the summer progresses and the weeds grow higher.
Plant growth offers bass shade, protection from predators.
MAD SHAKER3.5″ is one of the must have baits for summer fishing.



It will be available in July.