Field report / Fishigng Imo Ripper60


Reel…17 COMPLEX 2500HG


Lure…Imo-Ripper 60 Soaked(SAF material)

I started fishing around 11 in the morning and finished at 6 in the evening.The southeast breeze was blowing during the morning.Cast Imo-Ripper60(SAF material) and let it swim naturally. 49cm long bass was caught.The wind was picking up. The southeast strong wind was blowing during the afternoon.I used soft plastic baits which had been soaked in S.A.F FORMULA for half a year.They got a little harder and provided sharp action and enticed largemouth bass to bite! I caught 3 largemouth bass(42cm、43cm、47cm) in the afternoon.


Bellows Gill New Colors



Bluegill grow big throughout the spring and summer.
Bellows Gill will be successful for fishing largemouth bass that are feeding in those bluegill bedding areas.

Bellows Stick / Got many bites!

Fishing Gosan river.
It was really windy and the water was muddy.
Searching for fish, I cast small rubber jig(EGUDAMA & PORTIO).
Then, I got a bite on my first cast.
I caught over 40cm long bass on my second cast.
I had a good start!!

After that, I moved to another fishing point.
Fish didn’t respond to small rubber jig.
I picked up Jighead & Straight worm, Bellows stick3.8.
Then, I got many bites!!!
The average size fish of Gosan river(Around 40cm long) responded to it well. 
Changing lures brought a positive result.