Tajimi Lure Festival 20019

Tajimi Lure Festival 20019 was held on Dec. 10th.We ran a booth at the Festival.Event limited items were sold , and the customers could enter a prize draw.Lake Biwa Fishing Guide, Yuho Ito joined the event and made it more lively and fun.

Caught nice bass on PORTIO CURLY!

Angler : Mr. Oya
Place : Yacht pond
Lure : PORTIO CURLY, Bellows Stick

Started fishing around 3 o’clock.

Cast PORTIO CURLY / Drop Shot Rig / PE Line / Sinker 2.7g further,
and moved it down the breakline.
And then reeled it in fast.
Nice bass hit the bait and I was able to land it.
It was 44cm long.

After that, I caught average-sized bass on Bellows Gill / Neko rig,
I had only short time for fishing but enjoyed a lot.

Fishing for horse mackerel

Angler : Mr. Fujimoto



Jighead: GIGA-AJI JIGHEAD(0.3g)

Very strong and fast current occurred when we got the fishing point.We used a fishing lamp but it didn’t work, but when the current got slower, fish got active.
Soon I cast PIKU-PIKU PINTAIL3″.Its ribbed body created a lot of water displacement and helped fish to find the bait.SAF Material was great.It appealed to fish’s senses to draw strikes.This is a must have soft bait for horse mackerel fishing.Fishing was great.We all had a great time!

Fishing Bellows Gill / Free rig

◇ Fishing guide report from Hayato Yasui. Fishing under a clear autumn sky.Targeted deep bass in Northern part of Lake Biwa.

◆ Results
・Two fish – Over 50cm long fish・More than 10 fish – 40cm ~50cm long
◆ Lure : Bellows Gill 2.8 / 7g / Free rig◆ 8~10 depth range

The northern part of lake Biwa is chilly at night and early morning.Fall turnover moves fish and it makes fishing tough.Bellows Gill / Free rig was perfect for fishing deep bass.It worked well and we were able to catch nice bass! As for Mad Shaker, # SCUPPERNONG was really effective for fishing muddy, shallow water.