Field report / Pond fishing


Angler : Mr. Sonehara
Place : A pond / Aichi prefecture, Japan

I went fishing on my day off.
I used GYROBAIT and TINY GILLING to search for shallow fish,
but no fish were there.

So, I cast ORENTA50 far out into the water and reeled it in quickly.
Then I had a bite!!

Fishing movie shoot / Fishing on Ohe river



We shot the fishing movie of Mr. Kuroda for the first time this year.
He caught nice fish on GYROBAIT130 last week.
And he caught nice fish on GYROBAIT130(Tuned with weight) on the shooting day again!!!


The movie is coming soon!!

Geecrack prototype straight worm


The prototype worm has a ring ribbed body.
It has already produced great results!!
As you know, it helped Yuho Ito win the BIWAKO OPEN.
It has been field tested by expert anglers.
One of the anglers said that the fish that he caught on the prototype worm are all over 55 cm in length.



He and Yuho use it as a light texas rig worm.
We just need to modify the worm a tiny bit to get the desired action, but we are positive that it will be one of the great worm baits.