Field report


Angler : Geecrack Field Tester Mr. Koreeda
Date : August 14, 18, 20
Place : Ponds
Lure : New G-CRAWLER, Rock Jig Sniper(# Chart)&GYRO STAR 3.5


[August 14]

Fishing in the morning.
I cast MUSHIGAERU and caught some small largemouth bass.


Then, I cast New G-CRAWLER and caught some small largemouth bass again.


After that I cast GYRO STAR3.5 and had a good bite!!
It was 2,100g in weight.


[August 18]
Fishing in the morning again.
It was really hot and I wanted to stay in the shade.

I was going to cast New G CRAWLER but there was only one New G-CRAWLER in my bag!!
I brought G-CLAWLER PLUS by mistake!!!!!

Anyway, I cut a G-CLAWLER PLUS into small pieces and cast it.


I caught 2 largemouth bass which were about 40cm in length.
After that I had no bites, so I cast New G-CLAWLER.
Soon after I cast it, I had a bite!!



It was over 40cm in length.
New G-CLAWLER is made of new material, and it really attracts fish.


[August 20]
It was the last day of the Obon holiday(Japanese National Holiday).
I wasn’t satisfied with my catch during Obon holiday,
but the last day of the holiday was a good fishing day!!!

・6 fish – over 40cm in length(3 of them were over 45cm in length)
・10 fish -smaller than 40cm in length


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It is still hot in Japan, but autumn is just around corner.
Geecrack new product “Daisy spin” has just released.


I can’t wait for autumn fishing!!!


Kazuki Kitajima MOVIE “One Bright Way ~ No other way I can live on ~” vol.12


Fishing movie from Florida.


Fishing in Miami.
Miami is a place where he used to live.
The target fish is Peacock bass!
The faster you work your bait, the more peacock bass are attracted.
Kazuki uses SUGURI60 and catches them a lot!
And he catches some other game fish as well!!

Click here to watch the movie.