Field report


Angler : Geecrack Field Tester Mr. Koreeda
Date : August 14, 18, 20
Place : Ponds
Lure : New G-CRAWLER, Rock Jig Sniper(# Chart)&GYRO STAR 3.5


[August 14]

Fishing in the morning.
I cast MUSHIGAERU and caught some small largemouth bass.


Then, I cast New G-CRAWLER and caught some small largemouth bass again.


After that I cast GYRO STAR3.5 and had a good bite!!
It was 2,100g in weight.


[August 18]
Fishing in the morning again.
It was really hot and I wanted to stay in the shade.

I was going to cast New G CRAWLER but there was only one New G-CRAWLER in my bag!!
I brought G-CLAWLER PLUS by mistake!!!!!

Anyway, I cut a G-CLAWLER PLUS into small pieces and cast it.


I caught 2 largemouth bass which were about 40cm in length.
After that I had no bites, so I cast New G-CLAWLER.
Soon after I cast it, I had a bite!!



It was over 40cm in length.
New G-CLAWLER is made of new material, and it really attracts fish.


[August 20]
It was the last day of the Obon holiday(Japanese National Holiday).
I wasn’t satisfied with my catch during Obon holiday,
but the last day of the holiday was a good fishing day!!!

・6 fish – over 40cm in length(3 of them were over 45cm in length)
・10 fish -smaller than 40cm in length


o0360064013733650974     o0220039113733650976

o0220039113733651364     o0220039113733651365


It is still hot in Japan, but autumn is just around corner.
Geecrack new product “Daisy spin” has just released.


I can’t wait for autumn fishing!!!

Field report / Leaf Shrimp3.8 Jika-rig1.8g



Date : August 22th
Angler : Geecrack field tester Mr. Nomura
Place : A pond
Lure : Leaf Shrimp 3.8 / Rig : Jika-rig 1.8g



Largemouth bass took the bait just before the drop off.
It was swimming in pairs, but the bigger one took the bait.




When fish are swimming in pairs, it is not easy to catch the targeted one.

It’s good to catch my target fish.

Kazuki Kitajima MOVIE “One Bright Way ~ No other way I can live on ~” vol.12


Fishing movie from Florida.


Fishing in Miami.
Miami is a place where he used to live.
The target fish is Peacock bass!
The faster you work your bait, the more peacock bass are attracted.
Kazuki uses SUGURI60 and catches them a lot!
And he catches some other game fish as well!!

Click here to watch the movie.