Lake Biwa Shore Fishing / Bellows Stick5.8″



・Angler : Mr. Miura
・Place : lake Biwa
・Lure : Bellows Stick 5.8″
・Rod : Double Dutch DD-75H The・Merry
Lake Biwa Shore Fishing.
Sight fishing for bass.
Bellows Stick 5.8″ / Heavy drop shot rig caught 46cm long largemouth bass.
# CHART is an effective lure color for sight fishing.



Geecrack Channel / Fishing Ohe river for fall bass




・Angler : Takaaki Oya(Geecrack fiels tester)
・Date : September 2018
・Place : Ohe river
・Lure : Orenta60, Bellows Stick3.8″


Arrival of autumn.
Water temperatures begin to decline because of cooler morning and night.
He’s fishing with a vibration lure ORENTA60 in the morning and evening and Bellows Stick 3.8″ (finesse techniques) during the daytime.
Enjoy watching Takaaki’s latest fishing movie.