Geecrack Channel / Autumn river fishing


Angler : Geecrack field tester Seiji Kuroda
Place : Oe river
Date : Oct. 2018
A cold rainy day.
Fishing was tough and only small bass were caught in the morning.
He used his go-to worm baits, Bellows Stick 3.8″ / Carolina rig and bug-tuned Imo-ripper in the afternoon.
They worked well!!
Bellows stick helped him catch nice bass!



Great autumn fishing day / Lake Biwa




* Field report from Lake Biwa fishing guide Yama P(Norihito Yamashita).
Yama P and his fishing guests caught 14 big largemouth bass in just one day!!

◆ Lure

・Deesco 3/4oz & Gyro Star4
・Leaf Shrimp4.8 / Jika rig
・Leaf Shrimp4.8 / Heavy drop shot rig




Fishing for flatfish in Northeast Japan



Angler : Mr. Aizawa
Place : Ishinomaki bay in Miyagi prefecture
Lure : Gyro Star 3.5inch + Carolina rig / Gyro Star 3.5inch + CORN HEAD BLADE1/8






Fishing for flatfish.
I was excited about using Gyro Star made of SAF material.
I could feel the differences between SAF material Gyro Star and previous model.
SAF material actually caused bass to hold on to it longer.




Her first time to go boat fishing.


* Field report from lake Biwa fishing guide Keita Oda.
It was awesome!!
My fishing guest Momoka caught some big bass with Double Dutch / DD-PG68MR Julietta.
She said that Julietta worked well with Leaf Shrimp and Gyro Star.
It was her first time to go boat fishing.
Can’t believe it!!!




◆ Sizes of the fish she caught

・Over 60cm long / 3,800g
・55cm long
・50cm long
・45cm long
・40cm long

◆ Lures

・Leaf Shrimp / 7g / Free rig
・Gyro Star3.5 / 7g / Heavy drop shot rig

◆ Rod

・Double Dutch / DD-PG68MR Julietta