River fishing / Merry-GFX

・Field report from Lake Biwa fishing guide Keita Oda.
Fishing Yodo river.
My fishing guest caught big bass on Merry G-FX / Gyro Star 3.5 / Alabama rig.
He spent hours searching for this bite!!
It was over 50 cm long.
His fishing buddies used Yahman Stick and caught good sized bass.

Magnificent catch!!! / Leaf Shrimp 4.8


Autumn has arrived on Lake Biwa.
The air and water temperatures started to steadily cold and lake turnover is occurring.
Fishing lake Biwai is very tough but amazingly, lake Biwa fishing guide Yama P(Norihito Yamashita)
and his fishing guests caught bigger bass on Leaf Shrimp 4.8 / Jika rig!!
Magnificent catch!!!




I won the Goose fishing tournament!!

Angler : Mr. Yogo
Place : Oe river
Lure : Portio 2.8″
I used SWING CHATTER and DAISY SPIN in the morning but fish were not responding at all.
I chose Small rubber jig + Portio2.8 and used flipping and pitching technique for catching bass in cover.
It worked well and I won the first place!!
・Fish size : Over 50cm long
I like using Portio as a trailer for small rubber jig.
Its simple design makes it through water easily and as its material is SAF material, fish hold the lure in its mouth longer.

An awesome day of fishing for rockfish. / Spiron 2.8″

Angler : Mr. Takahashi
Place : Iwate prefecture
Lure : Spiron 2.8
Ofunato bay boat fishing for rockfish.
Spiron2.8″ / Texas rig caught 45cm long rockfish!
After catching it, I used BUBBLE NAIL with Spiron2.8″.
It helped me catch more fish.
I saw some rockfish displaying their breeding colors.
Rockfish season in the northeast Japan is just around the corner.