“SUGURI60” / The product of chance?! / by Geecrack CEO Aoki



One day a customer bought SUGURI60 in large amount
without worrying about money.
He said ” SUGURI60 attracts fish and encourages them
to take the bait.
I went to Ohe river with my friends the other day.
Only I caught fish on the high pressured river on the day.
SUGURI60 is one of the best lures!!”



We are happy to here that.

When one of our staff came back from fishing,
he said similar thing
“Only I caught fish today! SUGURI60 is a great lure.”


It wasn’t easy to develop and manufacture SUGURI60.
To tell the truth SUGURI60 was a failure.

We started in-house production of fishing tackles
a couple of years ago.
We plan and create 3D CAD data, and the initial prototype
is created.
Our products are pool tested many times and necessary changes are made to the final products.
And our field testers test the prototypes paying close attention to every detail.


Geecrack field tester Seiji Kuroda said
“Shad is a must have lure to catch big largemouth bass
on Ohe river.”

So, we started to develop and manufacture SUGURI60.
We could create some lure data but we didn’t have enough experiences to manufacture shad-type lures.
We felt a bit of confusion about makining it, but we repeated
the trial and error process to manufacture shad-type lure
to move on next.


When we started to develop SUGURI60,
Seiji Kuroda requested us to adopt fixed weight for SUGURI60.

He said “I want a lure which stops fast and abruptly.
The casting distance will be decreased
but it will be generally used with spinning tackles.
So, there will be no problem!”

However we concerned about using fixed weight for it
because shad-type lures made by other companies
have moving weight systems.

After the process of trial and error,
we could manage to work it out practically.
However… we couldn’t decide whether to use fixed weight or not
until just before making the molds.

We though many people would say
“Moving weight system is not adopted for the shad !!!???”
After all we decided to adopt weight moving system,
“magnet moving weight system”.
Magnetic moving weight system increases casting distances
and as it is magnetic it will be fixed.

After we decided to use magnetic moving weight,
we went to the patent office to check if a patent is right
for SUGURI60.
After checking it, we corrected the data, placed an order
for magnet, then started to make the molds.

Of course we asked Mr. Kuroda if he was ok with it.

After a few days the molds were completed,
and the trial product was created.

Our first shad-type lure.
And we adopted the magnetic moving weight system
for the first time.

We built our first shad-type prototype lure and pool tested it.

SUGURI60 was supposed to be a suspending lure.
We calculated the weight needed for it
but actually it sank after casting!!!

It sank after casting ….

Well…we used a 5mm metal ball at that point,
so we changed the 5mm metal ball to 4mm metal ball.
It was pool tested again.
It stopped fast and abruptly.
Suspending lure!!!!

The problem was solved and we were going to correct the molds data of rails for the moving weight, 5mm to 4mm.

However, I just remembered the conversation
with GEECRACK field tester Aya(Sea Magical).


When I went fishing, I caught fish one after another.
The lure I used was Valleyhill / AIR DEEP!!!!

This is a must have lure for the staff of Sea Magical as well.
It attracts fish and encourages them to take the bait.

When I was landing fish, I just though”It is One knocker.”
I’m not sure if they created the rattling lure intentionally or not,
but the two moving weights rattle and produce sounds.
It is just like an one knocker sinker.

I said to Aya “AIR DEEP is a vibration lure, isn’t it?”
She said “Vibration??? It’s a minnow lure!!!”


There are many lures without rattles for saltwater fishing.
I’m not sure if they created the rattling lure intentionally or not,
but it is a rattling bait.

Getting back to the original topic…
I remembered the conversation and stopped correcting the molds of SUGURI intentionally.
There is a small clearance between the rail and the metal ball,
so the weight rattles.
SUGURI60 is an One knocker Shad lure!

One knocker is effective or not,
Non-rattle bait is effective or not.
It depends on the time of year when you are fishing,
but try SUGURI60.
I have confidence that SUGURI60 will produce good results.



Movie clip shooting / Kameyama Dam in Chiba prefecture

★Kenji Ohe fishing movie.

o0480064013679339450     o0480064013679339465

Place : Kameyama Dam
Angler : GEECRACK Field Tester Kenji Ohe


o0480064013679339474      o0480064013679339480

o0480064013679339486      o0480064013679339492

Top water fishing with TINY GILLING HF,
fishing in cover with new G-CRAWLER,
and Jerking with SUGURI60.
He caught over 10 fish in total.
And in the end of the day,
nice fish was caught on GYRO BAIT130!!!!
It was an impressive catch!



The movie clip is coming soon!!!