Successful Fishing With Bellows Gill2.8 + BF STRONGER 1/8oz!

Angler : Mr. HasegawaPlace : Lake BiwaLure : Bellows Gill2.8 + BS STRONGER

I was going to try many fishing spots but I couldn’t because strong winds were blowing.Fishing was a little bit tough but I was able to catch 49cm long largemouth bass on Bellows Gill2.8 + BF STRONGER 1/8oz.After that I didn’t get any bites.

Moved to another fishing area and cast Bellows Gill2.8 + BF STRONGER 1/8ozagain.52cm long largemouth bass was caught before the sun went down.Bellows Gill2.8 + BF STRONGER 1/8oz helped me successfully catch nice bass.


Caught Rockfish on Bellows Stick

Boat fishing for rockfish.Shad tail is must have for rockfish fishing.I cast it but fish didn’t respond to it.Bellows Stick is a soft bait for fishing largemouth bass, but I tried it(5.8″).Areolate grouper responded well.The biggest one I caught was over 45cm long.Bellows Stick is effective for both rockfish and laegrmouth bass fishing.

Fishing guide report / Lake Biwa

Fishing guide report from Lake Biwa fishing guide Yama p(Norihito Yamashita).


Amazing!!Caught 20 largemouth bass!!

They used RIVIVAL SHAD for catching bass swimming near the water surface, and STEALTH 7 for catching bass swimming near the bottom or mid-depth range.

STEALTH 7 is coming soon.It will definitely satisfy the demands of eager anglers.

River fishing in the evening.

○ Angler : Seiji Kuroda

I had a busy day but went to Oe river for fishing for the first time in a while.I took advantage of fishing in the early evening, and caught nice bass in just a couple of hours.

・Lure :Tumble head 3/8oz + BAOBAB HOG EX

・Rod :Double Dutch 70MH

・Reel :Aldebaran

・Handle: LIVRE Handle FEATHER 90 Fino