Tajimi Lure Festival 20019

Tajimi Lure Festival 20019 was held on Dec. 10th.We ran a booth at the Festival.Event limited items were sold , and the customers could enter a prize draw.Lake Biwa Fishing Guide, Yuho Ito joined the event and made it more lively and fun.

New product development with lake Biwa Fishing guides.

We held a meeting for new product development with Lake Biwa Fishing Guides
Yama P(Norihito Yamashita) and Akira.
We pool tested a Jointed bait which we have been working on.
We’ll be busy with developing new products for next fishing season.

Geecrack In-Store Event at a Fishing Tackle Shop BUN BUN.

Fall has arrived in Japan.It is a prime time for Alabama rig.We had an In-Store Event at a Fishing Tackle Shop BUN BUN.

Lake Biwa fishing guide Yama P(Norihito Yamashita) joined the event and made it more lively and fun.He’s been catching a lot of nice largemouth bass on Stealth 7(Alabama rig) or RIVIVAL SHAD.Many people who came to the event asked him a lot of questions about tackle, fishing areas or fishing techniques.

We displayed prototype lures and our new product STEALTH 7 at the even.We also sold our event-limited apparel.

Geecrack Channel / Video shooting – Fishing Stealth 7

Angler : Yama P(Lake Biwa fishing guide Norihito Yamashita)

Lure : Stealth 7

Stealth 7 was really effective. Just after we started shooting, Yama P caught 59cm long largemouth bass on Stealth 7!Soon after that he caught nice fish again!!It was windy and a bit chilly in the morning.Fall Alabama rig fishing season is coming to close.Lots of big bass and small bass were caught on Stealth 7 on the day.He finished off the video shooting with 56 cm long largemouth bass!

■ Tackle
Rod : Double Dutch DD-80XXH Iron BumperLure: Stealth 7Soft bait:Gyro Star 3″Jighead:CIRNHEAD Jr. BLADE 1/32oz

◇ Stealth 7 is a 7 arms 6 blades Alabama rig.Coming this autumn!!