Julietta / Double Dutch PG Series DD-PG68MR



The inspection for Julietta(Double Dutch PG Series DD-PG68MR) has finished.

PG stands for Pro Guide.
The idea of Julietta PG Series was born from fishing in a variety of situations and talking to Geecrack pro/field staff.
Mr. Kuroda is one of our pro/field staff and Tiny Gilling is one of his favorite lures for fishing Ohe river.
We discussed the needs of the anglers who love fishing Tiny Gilling with him.



The length of Julietta DD-PG68MR is 6ft 8inch.
It is a special rod for fishing with Tiny Gilling.
We wanted to make a rod which allows anglers to give beautiful lure action with Tiny Gilling. For two years, we’ve tested, re-tested, adjusted and improved on it.


It is perfect for Tiny Gilling, SUGURI60(Shad), and ORENTA(Vibration), and great for shore fishing.

It will be available later this month.




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