New Fall Product 2019 / Spiron Twin3.8

Geecrack new product Spiron Twin3.8 is a down sized version of Spiro Twin 4.8.It is a bite size Twin Tail and perfect for shore fishing.It has a deeper slit on the upper side of the body so the hook point remains hidden and minimizes snagging.You can cast it close to the heavy cover and target fish in the area.

G-FLAPPER hit the market!

Geecrack new product G-FLAPPER were sent out to some stores last week.

【G-FLAPPER 4inch】

Impregnated with heavy salt and amino acids.Its weight is 13g.Rig it No sinker style, you can cast it farther.Its skirt is not impregnated with salt.It will flair out giving it a nice presentation and appeal to your target fish naturally.