Geecrack Channel / Movie shoot – Rock Jig Sniper1/4oz



Angler : Yuho Ito(lake Biwa fishing guide)
Place : Lake Biwa



Yuho used AVANTI MAGNUM DR as a search bait to find bass.
It caught over 50 cm bass!!
AVANTI MAGNUM is one of the best lures for murky water.




Bellows Gill as a jig trailer has been working really well.(Bellows Gill + Rock Jig Sniper1/4oz)
Its ribs on the body move lots of water and provide natural life-like action.


It worked well on the day as well.
He caught bass on every cast!!!
One of the bass he caught Bellows Gill was over 60cm.



He caught thirty bass on Bellows Gill + Rock Jig Sniper1/4oz in total.

The movie is coming soon.
Don’t miss it.



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