Spiron / Pond fishing

Angler : Mr. Sonehara
Place : Chitanoike, Aichi pref. Japan
Lure : SPIRON2.8, GYRO STAR3.5
Rod : DoubleDutch DDS-69L WALNUTS, DoubleDutchPG DDPG-68MR Julietta
Pond fishing before work.
Inserted a nail sinker 0.9g into SPIRON2.8(SCUPPERNONG/Blue F).
Cast it and let it swim near the bottom.
Nice bass was caught on it!!
Pond fishing after work.
Retrieved Gyro Star3.5/ No sinker style across the surface of the water.Explosive surface strike on Gyro Star!
A strike on the surface is very exiting.
☆ Double Dutch WALNUTS × SPIRON2.8
☆ Double Dutch PG Julietta × Gyro Star3.5

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