Long Curly / MP Curly



Long curly worm “MP Curly is designed for catching both average size bass and bigger bass and it keeps anglers motivated.




It is a slimmer bodied long curly worm.
Compared with fat bodied worm, it will get you more bites from average size fish
and increase your hook-up ratio.
Finely ribbed body moves lots of water and maximizes action.
It can appeal to fish with little rod action.
Its ribs hold air and release tiny bubbles like a living creature as it sink.



When you are fishing a long curly worm, sometimes fish only bite the tail, or you set the hook and missed.
SAF material is used for making MP Curly.It attracts fish and entices fish to bite.
The ribbed body increases surface area to enhance scent and flavor distribution into the water.




It has a caterpillar like tail and moves more water.
It appeals to bass over wide areas.
It is perfect for 5~7g Texas rig, Free-sliding weight rig and Punch shot rig.


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