Geecrack Channel / Movie Shoot – Day 2



Anglers : Lake Biwa fishing guides / Norihito Yamashita and Yuho Ito




◆ Norihito Yamashita

Light rain in the morning.
Targeted bass on the bottom but fish weren’t responding at all.
I chose big Crank Bait “Avanti Magnum”.
Big bass was caught on my first cast!!
Avanti Magnum really attracts big bass.
I missed a bite but caught two more bigger fish.


Avanti Magnum is a high floating big crank bait.
Cast and let it touch weeds, then let it float back up
is a good way to get strikes.

◆ Yuho Ito

Cast Bellows Stick3.8(Prototype size)/ Jighead.
Caught 3 fish in this area.



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