Geecrack Channel / Movie Shoot – Day 1

Anglers : Lake Biwa fishing guides
・Norihito Yamashita
     ・Yuho Ito
◆ Norihito Yamashita
It rained a lot yesterday and fishing was tough.
Cast Imo-ripper slim3.8 + BUBBLE NAIL and caught over 50 cm long bass on my first cast!!
Bubble nail worked well in tough consitions!!
Leaf Shrimp4.8 / Jika rig was effective as usual.
Nice bass were caught on it(# Silver Shiner).
It really attract big bass!
I picked up Imo-ripper slim3.8 + BUBBLE NAIL again.
Cast it and then let it sit there.
As the bubbles were released, the shrimp scent was emitted into the water.
It enticed big fish to bite!!
◆ Yuho Ito
Caught nice bass on a protorype lure Avanti Magnum,
also on a prototype lure Bellows Stick3.8″ / Jighead.

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