Field report / NEW MOON CURLY 3inch


Angler : Geecrack field tester Ms. Sumida
Date : October 22
Place : Yasaka Dam in Yamaguchiprefecture
Lure : NEW MOON CURLY 3inch


It was rainy but I went  fishing.
It was really cold and I had no bites that morning.
However, I finally had a bite, but my fingers were frozen stiff and numb with cold.
I couldn’t do anything for it and the fish jumped and swam away!!
I almost gave up on catching fish because I felt that I would not get any bites.
When I avoid snagging the bottom obstacles, fish took the bait!!


I finally caught one!!!


o0480064013781793043      o0480064013781792971
I set the hook a bit poorly but could get it!!!

For me, it’s not easy to catch fish in this season,
but I’ll never give up!!


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